Remembering, Rummaging and Rub Ons

Hey, do you remember rub-ons? Me too!

After being given a goodie bag recently, and having had a rummage, I found a wonderful set with which I knew exactly what to do.

Read on chums and I’ll tell ya about it.

First, I should rewind to the Doncaster crafting live event where I met The MDF Man for the first time.

After chatting for a bit I picked up a few pieces from his wares with the intention of doing a ‘me’ project.

Yep, like that’s going to happen. Lol.

Anyways, I sort of managed to get some paint effects done using crackle glaze and a black/pink paint combo and then I left it to dry – for a rather long time.

Thus we arrive, several months later at the goodie bag.

A lovley lady that came to one of my workshops brought a bag and presented it to me just before the workshop. I do have to apologise as I have totally forgotten the lady’s name – shame on me!

But listen, I know that she knows that I know I’m grateful – so hopefully that counts.

I would love to say that I had a rummage there and then but only had chance for a quick peek and then had to stash the stash in Maisy and crack on with the day.

Several weeks later, during a tidy up I rediscovered the goodies – FYI yes it took weeks after that event to have a proper tidy up – minging, right?

THEN I rummaged and found a wonderful set of glittery birds in flight AND I remembered the paint effect pot – I stared into space for a bit and then like a microwave ping I saw the finished thing so cracked on.

Probably not a good thing to rush it in the dark though as I did notice a couple of hiccups with missing/wonky gem strips when I came to photograph it.

The rub ons went on really well and I can fiddle with my gems at a later date so I think that I’m going to hang a ‘done’ tag on this one and crack on with the next project. Hopefully the next one won’t take so long to complete this time!

Now, I’ve waffled for a fair bit but not even shown you what I made – silly boy!

‘Ere you go.

Not bad eh?

Not quite what I’d hope for in terms of quality but certainly love the concept and the colours and textures.

What do you reckon?

Hope you like it and perhaps will use a part of the idea in a future project.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next blog post.

J :)


15 thoughts on “Remembering, Rummaging and Rub Ons

  1. Oh John, that is beautiful. Absolutely stunning. I completely forgot when looking at it that you had used rub-ons. I thought you had painted the birds. They’re fabulous rub-ons. Not like the ones I still have bits of in my room!! So jealous. What a thoughtful lady. The world should have more people like her.


  2. It is like a blast from the past with rub ons I still have some but haven’t used any in years. Love the colours. The MDF Man is a favourite of mine.Lots of lovely shapes and especially the clocks make great presents.

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  3. Hi John, sorry to ask the obvious question…….but what are rub ons? I am new to this type of craft and not heard of them before. Do they just stick on? Beautiful outcome, just love the colours xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rub ons are a very thin printed image that has a contact adhesive on the back.
      To get them to stick onto your project you cut out your image on the clear carrier sheet, remove the backing and rub down with a lolly stick. There are loads of other tips and ideas across the internet as they have been about for a long time in one form or another. Just pop ‘rub ons’ into a search engine and you should be inspired and informed.


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