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Monthly Colour Challenge August Results Gallery

The monthly colour challenge for August is now at a close and the creations are all in!

As a reminder, here were the colours that were chosen for August.

Distress Ink Linear Blend Swatch - Autumn

First, your creations.

Karla Parsons

August Colour Challenge - Bag by Karla Parsons August Colour Challenge - Bag by Karla Parsons

Karla wrote: ‘I scoured the Festival of Quilts at the NEC to try to get the right shades but when I looked at them in daylight, I’m not so sure. Still, it was as close as I could get. I used them to make this little tool/crochet/knitting needle pouch. I’m not good at using colours (my bags are usually monochrome and minus embellishment) so this was the perfect way to make me produce a colourful bag. Thank you for inspiring me.’

You’re welcome Karla and thank you for taking part and braving this challenge with fabric, loving your creation!

Judy Del Perugia

Wreath by Judy Del Perugia
Judy wrote: ‘I made the wreath by plaiting lengths of raffia then colouring them with Promarkers to get as near to the colour challenge as possible. The background is some pale peach mulberry paper which I have overlaid again with Promarker colour (pastel yellow). The flower spray I picked up in a craft shop on my hols in France. The sentiment is from the Woodware range and the ribbon from my stash!’

Fabulous creation Judy! Loving how you adapted things that you already had by colouring them in to match the colours in the challenge. Love the sentiment. See you in Surrey!

Judy also had time to send in a second creation!

August Colour Challenge by Judy Del Perugia

Bloomin’ lovely!

Su Meddis
August Colour Challenge Creations by Su Meddis
August Colour Challenge Creations by Su Meddis
August Colour Challenge Creations by Su Meddis
Su wrote: ‘Hope all is going well in your exciting adventure.  I have had a go at the monthly colour challenge and attach photos of two cards and a mini canvas.  Not sure I used the exact colour but hopefully close enough. Take care of yourself and keep on blogging – gives us all inspiration!!’

Love these creations Su! Different styles and ways of using the colours in each one. Thank you for taking part – look forward to seeing what you come up with for September!

And now, a couple from me.

Think I did Ok. Not sure about the colour combo choice tho – bit moldy! lol.

Many thanks to those that took part; without you, there’d be nothing here – be proud that you made this happen :)

If you would like to be involved with the next one, pop back tomorrow for the three colours that will me the challenge for May.

Take care and see you soon.

J :)

2 thoughts on “Monthly Colour Challenge August Results Gallery

  1. Oh my…

    What beautiful creations! Karla, congratulations on trying something new in your sewing, it’s tough to step away from what we know works and the results are truly stunning. I think you got the colours spot on and it looks a beautifully made, very practical crochet hook case. You’ve inspired me to get around to making one for my rather customised hooks :-) Judy, I love that I’m not the only one who mercilessly recolours their stash with primaries. Your wall hanging is just beautiful and your card just makes me smile, reminds me of a flower garden on a sunny day! Su, I love the geometric style of your cards, they seem to suit those colours especially well. The images look so lovely on the clean and simple backgrounds. John, a real mix of styles from yourself sir, again, I get a bright, sunshiny vibe from your pieces. I think I’d like some fabric the same as your tag!

    Thank you all so much for sharing, I’m definitely getting a message that I must try to play with colours more instead of staying with what I like or know. Most of all it was a pleasure looking at all of the hard work from the 4 of you.

    Hugs x

    Liked by 1 person

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