16 thoughts on “Road To Success

  1. John I donated early on in your campaign and will do so again later in the year, my beautiful daughter in law is a volunteer at mind in St. Helens and we love all that she does. So your campaign is so deserved. carry on the good work xx


  2. Hi John, great to see you and Maisy at Sandown on Sat, what a big girl she is, We only made a small donation, had to keep hold of some cash for Karen to spend at the show and she did, we will be making a good donation, as MIND is very close to us we met in a mental hospital and we have been married for 33 years we support each other, Have a great week keep up The good work, Hope to see you soon in or around Waterlooville Hampshire Geoff and Karen Rogers.


  3. This is very true John, I have had my struggle with life after losing my beloved hubby 4 years ago. Some may say that is a long time ago, but to me it seems like only yesterday. But I will fly the flag and keep going. Love and success to you, Pat.


  4. Hi John,

    Thanks for all the quotes, they are so true!! This is the one I have in my kitchen, a bit dark perhaps, but it never fails to make me smile and have a ‘rethink’ on whatever is getting to me!

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  5. Very poignant John. I love these pearls of wisdom being postured around the country. Thank you for bringing the to our notice board. Geraldine


  6. I wish you knew how much you help. Some mornings can be a bit down, and then another little pearl of wisdom pops out of the screen to make us reflect. So comforting. Anne x


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