Knitting Loom Progress

What Did The Hat Say To The Scarf?

What Did The Hat Say To The Scarf?

You our hang around and I’ll go on a head.

LOL!!! This did make me laugh, as did my recent attempt to make a start on some winter warmer accessories.

I know, WINTER, WTH?!

My theory is that I’ll feel the chill sooner than those in brick homes this year so I’ve got a list of things that I would like to make to ensure that winter is a warm one for Maisy and I.

Crafters logic aside, it actually all started with a ‘little’ shopping trip.

Hobbycraft Shopping Haul

Not as bad as it looks though as most of that bulk was wool and less than £40 spent – it really was a bag of happy :)

Hidden at the back were two sets of knitting looms. A shortcut to success I thought.

I failed to remember that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

Kicking things off by casting on and doing the first few rows I was quite chuffed with myself and quite motivated to continue.

Knitting Loom Progress

Now is probably a good point to let you know that two things were going on.

First, I was not following a pattern.

Second, I decided to pop on an audiobook whilst doing this.

As a result of the combination of the above I happily carried on casting on, and weaving over, for quite some time until I got to this stage.

Knitting Loom Progress

With no actual way to measure this on my head without casting off and finishing it I thought that now would probably be a good point so went through the process of casting off, gathering and tieing off the yarn.

It was time to try on my creation.

I slipped it on my head. It felt comfy and not taught.

Then I turned the camera on to take a selfie…

Knitting Loom Fail


Not quite the result that I had in mind but all was not a total loss.

I came to the conclusion that at least now I know how many rows it will take to create a beanie and how many it will take to create a floppy hat so at least it wasn’t a wasted exercise.

Oh, and of course I got to enjoy my audiobook.

It was also lovely to have a few hours of just living in the moment and forgetting about the world.

I think however that this creation might not make the catwalk list and I will have to head back to the knitting loom and try again another day.

Have you used knitting looms? Have you any tips for me?

Thanks for stopping by.

Catch you again soon.

J :)

14 thoughts on “What Did The Hat Say To The Scarf?

  1. Lol, thanks for the chuckle. I missed this post as I was unwell. Good on you for having a go, I can use DPN’s, circular and straight knitting needles but never tried a loom and I am really interested in giving it a go as it’d be mucheasier on the hands. You might find (if you haven’t frogged it) that it will come in handy, you might be able to pull it right down and fold back up so you’ve got a double layer over the ears.

    I’ve got a serious amount of admin to get through this week, I need to get my knit on and start for Christmas though and make my Mr a birthday card for the end of the week. Got to wrap his pressure too before he finds it :-) will pick up my needles at some point with any luck :-)


  2. Laughed out loud again-never used a loom I love knitting on straight and circular needles , however did remind me of a hat I knitted for my daughter a young adult for last xmas I strictly followed the pattern tension etc. and it would fit a 10 year old very disappointing as the wool was all her favourite colours all was not lost as it became a gift for someone else. I tried it on and boy did it look ridiculous perched on the top of my head – at least yours was nearly there john! Lovely choice of yarn especially as it knit/looms up quickly.


  3. John was the knitting loom easy to use? I have often thought of getting one as I don’t have the coordination to knit I just end up with a mess of dropped stitches.
    You might want to get some of that silver insulated “batting” c&c sells to pop under your sheet for sleeping on it really helps on cold nights I think it is called thermal batting. You won’t want a whole roll though.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well done for having a go. I have not tried using one but I may try one as I have problems with my hands and wrists using traditional needles now. I find crochet much easier these days.
    Keep up the good work
    X Chris


  5. That looks like a jumbo sized version of French knitting I used to do back in the dark ages. A wooden coot on reel four nails and a darning needle. My dad used to make them for me. Happy memories x


  6. I was seriously laughing out loud. Wasn’t having a good day until I saw the look on your face, John – priceless. I have an electric footmuff if it would help with the coming winter.


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