All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – Au Revoir Yorkshire

Evening all! How have you been? Good I hope?

Well, Maisy and I are still going and we also have some exciting news!

All Counties Challenge Header

Last weekend culminated with the Crafting Live show in Doncaster but this wasn’t the last that I would see of Yorkshire as it was over to Leeds on Wednesday for a workshop at Craftwork Cards

You can see more about this in a separate blog post > here.

Believe it or not, it was back to Doncaster for Saturday’s workshop.

This one was being held at the HQ of Karacter Krafts and Sugar Buttons.

Go on, strike a pose Kathryn …


Hehe, she did :)

Anyway, for this workshop I had planned a couple of projects.

I say planned, I obviously meant made a mess in Maisy first.


But seriously, I did eventually get to the stage where I had two projects planned.

A reet spesh door hanger.



A blooming lovely door hanger.

Nice aren’t they?

They used push moods, air dry clay, paper punches and a little bit of stamping.

Well, the day went as expected with everyone getting stuck in.

The usual biscuit marathon also happened.

I didn’t get a chance to show you the homemade cheesecake but OH MY WORD everyone should try it. Sadly it’s a closely guarded recipe so I can’t even give you that. In fact about the only thing that I can give you is the jealous feeling that I had some and you didn’t. Soz!

Well, listen, as I’d been letting Maisy air herself in the actual summer sun – it gets a bit musty with a stinky bloke being the only occupant – it was time to get her in the picture.

Say Cheeeeeeese (cake).


Everyone reported having a lovely day so I put the kosh away and programmed my next destination into the magical unicorn sat nav …


… and off we flew.

Well, I popped the postcode of my next destination into the actual sat nav and drove there.

The first version sounds better to me though, lol :)

Lets see if you can guess where I ended up by a couple of pictures shall we?

image image

That lighthouse is top of my list of places to live once I’ve finished this tour by the way!

Anyway, exciting news I promised and exciting news I shall give.

We’ve just crossed the £3,000 mark on the All Counties Challenge fundraising total meaning that we’re 15% of the way there in less than three months!

That £20,000 target is looking more achievable now thanks to you guys!

If you’d like to throw some coppers in the pot you can either use the Just Giving link below, sign up for a workshop near you or come and say hi at the next Crafting Live event in Samdown, Esher.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

In the meantime, thank you!

Well my lovely munchkins, that about sums it up for this week.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to catch up with you again next week.

Much love,

J :)


12 thoughts on “All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – Au Revoir Yorkshire

  1. Hi John….on my way into town today I saw the van on the Coast Road in South Shields. Came back over but you had gone. Hope you enjoyed our spectacular coastline on this beautiful day xx


  2. I think you’re at Old Hartley Caravan Club site in Whitley Bay. It looks fab and is now on my list of sites that I’d like to visit. I’m currently crafting in my motorhome at Kingsbury Water Park C&CC club site. Too hot to sleep! Looking forward to meeting you at some stage on your tour.


  3. Hi John

    Woop woop! £3k plus. That sir is frikkin’ awesome!!!!!

    Yes, I’m wildly jealous about the cheesecake- and the yummy biscuits!

    Loving the signs, I’ve just ordered some hearty soft and the easiest rose cutters. I’ve been tasked with some wedding crafting and they need flowers that don’t need water so I’m giving that a try. Got polymer clay and a few moulds so think I need to make me a pretty flowery sign like the ones you and your guests made, purely as practice of course ;-)

    Glad you’re giving Maisie a chance to air herself though I’m sure you don’t smell *that* bad John! Make the most of this sunny, happy weather when you can but (as you may have already found out) driving constantly in bright sunlight and heat isn’t very nice sometimes. I’m pretty sure a modern girl like Maisie has a few nice features like air con and shaded windows to help you out though.

    Have a lovely week and I look forward to the next chapter in your adventures.

    Hugs, T x

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