Tag Art 5

Tag Art 5 – The One I Wasn’t Sure About

Good evening! I am almost pleased to share with you number five of seven in the tag art mini series of blog posts.

Tag Art 5

Now, I wasn’t sure about sharing this one as I wasn’t too happy with the results however a good friend of mine said that it was good to share your warts with people. I’m not sure I got the analogy right but I kind of agreed as people sometimes put me on a pedestal but I am as error prone as anyone else.

So, back to the point. This one used acrylic paints again. I also used a sage coloured pigment inkpad, versafine Onyx Black inkpad, some free clear stamps and a white gel pen.

Tag Art 5

I started out with a light coating of acrylic paint and let it dry. I then dusted the edges with a pigment inkpad, and to be honest this is where I started to doubt my choice as it turned out quite muddy.

Undeterred I carried on and stamped out the two stamps to create the picture at the bottom of the tag. Having acceidentally smudged these I then painted over them with some acrylic paint and restamped them.

The design had lost some life so I decided to highlight the picture with a white gel pen. It kind of worked when viewed from a distance so I went with it.

To finished I added a few brown pearls and some green sating ribbon – and then threw it in the bin after I had photographed it. Lol!

Tag Art 5

Many thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed this little bit of creativity.

See you again soon for another one.

J :)

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8 thoughts on “Tag Art 5 – The One I Wasn’t Sure About

  1. Can’t see anything wrong with this one either – you are too harsh with yourself. As commented above fish it out of the bin and be proud of it!


  2. It’s lovely John, and the bunny stamp is so cute how could it look bad, and don’t forget, bunnies live in fields and they get a bit muddy sometimes. Having said that, I like the colours.
    Love and Light
    Sioux x


  3. See what you mean John – it needs some ‘life’ The colours you started out with are lovely, but for those bunnies it needed a lighter background, please don’t throw it away!!!!


  4. Oh John I hope you’re joking bout putting this on the bin! I think it’s lovely. If you’re not then fish it out NOW!!



  5. Hi John

    I love the background colours, I can see how the wee bunnies may have gotten lost though without the white highlight. I think I may have made a stencil or a mask from the stamp and made a light bunny colour (a taupe or a silver grey with a stencil or left the tag colour with the mask) to stamp onto.

    I saw another “mistake” by a craft blogger today and I’ll post the same here as I posted on her blog. I like it when you guys post your mishaps, it proves you’re human and we don’t feel so bad when we c**k up!

    If you’re only unhappy with 1 out of 5 then you’ve done a lot better than I’d ever do!

    Hugs, T x


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