All Counties Craft Challenge

All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – All About The Admin, Almost

Well hello there my cheeky little blog hoppers. How are things with you this week?

*awaits response*

Quiet today, aren’t we? Well, while you think of what you have been up to, allow me to fill you in on the jaunts of Maisy and John.

So, I felt a little behind this week.

No, no, you saucy minded folk. I meant, behind in my work, not an actual little behind.

So I decided to check into a camp site for a few days so that I didn’t have the rigmorole of packing up and setting up at the end of each day and could focus for a bit.

I ended up ‘down south’.


All Counties Craft Challenge

Or, to be more exact, here.

All Counties Craft Challenge

Isn’t it creepy how phones know pretty much where you are, to the pitch post almost!

Now, I do have a little complaint about this campsite.

They were not very spacious with their pitches and they had us packed in like sardines …

All Counties Craft Challenge

Shameful really. I should write a strongly worded letter.

lol, I’m obviously joking – it was like having a football field to myself!

They even had their own welcome party turn up and sing a little quack for me while I was plugging everything in, which was nice.

All Counties Craft Challenge

Well it was nice until one of them snuk off round the back of the van to slash the tyres and the others demanded bread or they’d break my kneecaps!

All Counties Craft Challenge

Look at the little hoodlums as bold as brass! Go on, b****r off!

Oo, while I’m on the subject of nature, there were a family of bunnies near Maisy this week and the little fluffy baby bunnies kept coming out to play. I kept trying to get a shot of them but they kept running off – not sure why. I don’t think that it was having a six foot giant bloke hurtling at you squealing ‘cute bunnies!’ or anything.

Because of that, all I kept ending up with was a picture of the outside.

All Counties Craft Challenge


I did sort of get a pic.

All Counties Craft Challenge

You can sort of see them, right?

*passes binoculars*. Try with these.

On a totally unrelated note, (no bunnies harmed in the making of this), I have been trying to take full advantage of having the ability to cook in Maisy and therefore to eat more healthily.

Here was Tuesday evenings attempt.

All Counties Craft Challenge

Pretty delicious if I do say so myself.

By the way, there isn’t much for me to report on craft wise this week as I have been mostly doing admin and planning. Yawny but essential if I am to make it around all 92 counties.

The mornings were generally a joy to wake up to though. Especially with the bacon butty!

All Counties Craft Challenge

What was I saying about eating healthily? Lol.

I think that the exposure on the camera must have gone as my legs look as white as the bread.

Obviously I looked like this in my foldable chair…

All Counties Craft Challenge


Now I know I said that I had settled in one place but I did realise that later in the week I may have a bit of an issue as I was on the wrong side of London and didn’t really want to miss the workshop by being stuck in traffic so I did pop over and visit That’s Crafty, to check in and make sure all was good for my visit on the Saturday – all was fine so I headed back to Maisy and headed out to find a new base for the next couple of days.

Location selected and I settled in for the night.


All Counties Craft Challenge

There’s 4G mobile here wooooo hooooo weeeee! You don’t know how much I miss that! Then I think back to the days before broadband, wifi and the like and wonder … How on earth did we share stuff like this…

Well, I guess there was no internet or blogs then so we just took photos, waited a week for them to be developed and then shared the memories later over a cuppa; no instant selfies then. We pointed knowingly to maps, remembered details and reminisced with the power of our minds.

I guess when your memory is affected by a mental illness, or any other type of illness for that matter, it can be hard to recall the good times. I think I am glad therefore that i can record these moments that I am sharing with you.

Anyway, I digress!

Time to prep this workshop. I started to get my bits out…

All Counties Craft Challenge

Now, finding out that you are missing various bits and pieces the day before the workshop is not ideal – mental note – prep further in advance!

I did however have to make a trip into the local shopping area and grab some bits and pieces, a very contrary feel to the town with all of the cars and the fumes. The walk  back up the hill was a challenge for someone from the fens I can tell you.

Thankfully I was able to find what I needed and set to work in the sciencey craft lab!

All Counties Craft Challenge

All Counties Craft Challenge

Looks interesting right?

Well, as all good tales do, I shall be ending this one on a cliff hanger and you’ll need to ‘tune in’ on Sunday evening to find out what happened next!

Why I was sweating over Maisy’s stove and using a petrol can?

What is that strange liquid in a tray?

What will the good folk, that are coming to the workshop tomorrow, make with it all?

Oh! By the way. Just wanted to say thank you to those that have contributed to the All Counties Craft Challenge Just Giving page so far. We’re on the way!!! You’ve no idea how much this warms my heart. Thank you again!

Thanks for reading and I will see you on Sunday!

J :)


16 thoughts on “All Counties Craft Challenge Diary – All About The Admin, Almost

  1. Hoping my other half reads your posts as you make mobile homing sound great, with the ease of being able to move from one place to another without difficulty.
    And the crafting is ramping up and all sounding like great fun, can’t wait to hear all about what’s in the ‘tray’.
    Counting the days till you arrive in Northants.
    Keep up with the updates – they make for great reading :-)


  2. Wow John
    You are giving us value for money. The stuff in the tray looks like brain cells !!!
    Or could it be cooked hamster????
    There must be another story out there better than mine. So glad your crafting is doing well.


  3. Your updates are fab.enjoy.would love to join in if near Wigan lancsor travel to a venue.would that make me a groupy lol x


  4. You must be lovin it! We went on a tour of Scotland last year in our camper van we were away 6 weeks it was great. As you say nice to stop a few days and not have to pack everything helps to be tidy. We used Brit stops quite a bit they are free places to stop . They are garden centres ,craft villages and pubs. As long as you look or buy something you can stay for free. Check them out on the web. Saved us a fortune and parking was safe. I live in Colchester keeping my eye out for a venue near me. Top tip empty toilet often… hot weather they get a bit smelly. Lol


  5. Keep on crafting and sharing….you are a star and no mistake. I’m also thankful for the age of technology, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to follow you around th UK and look back at past posts when I’m feeling a bit low and need an injection of ‘ the gentleman crafters wit and clever ideas. I await eagerly for your next missive


  6. Hi John,
    Love hearing about your adventures. Good luck with it all. I am interested to find out what you all get up to tomorrow! You said you wanted to know what we have been doing well…. I have made a golden wedding card & a box for it today, plus I also started a little romper dress for our new granddaughter. 2 weeks old now & absolutely gorgeous!! But we are rather biased!!



  7. Hello camper!
    you are making caravanning/motorhoming sound like fun! I may have to try it?
    crafty hugs


  8. Hi John love reading your blogs and must say looking good in your deck chair flower your weather looks soooo much better than a very wet and windy cornwall today cant wait to find out what you are cooking up with a petrol and the odd looking liquid ( poor masie )
    Take care hun xxx


  9. Hi John

    Being out and about in this must be absolutely wonderful. Have a great time at “that’s crafty”. Big hugs and smiles, T xxx


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