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Keyboard Shortcuts For Scan N Cut Canvas

Continuing the series of mini tutorials for Scan N Cut canvas I thought that I would share a little known series of keyboard shortcuts that may speed up your designing sessions.

In most cases these shortcuts reduce the need for multiple mouse clicks and/or the requirement to open a particular menu to access the function.

The table below describes each shortcut and what it does.

On the left of the table is the character (or combination of characters) to press.

In the middle is a short name – you’ll most likely recognize most of these from other computer programs, such as cut, copy and paste.

On the right is a slightly lengthier description of what the shortcut does.

Just a quick note, ALL shortcuts relate to the project editing window only and won’t work elsewhere on the Canvas website.

Feel free to print this list out if it will be of use to you.

Shortcut List

N New Project Starts a new project.You will be asked to save your current work if you haven’t already done so.
S Overwrite This Project Saves the current project.
V Select To return to the selection tool (for example if you have been using the zoom tool and want to select something).
P Path tool Activates the path creator tool.
Q Freehand Paths Tool Activates the freehand paths tool.
Ctrl+Z Undo To undo the last actions during editing a project.
Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo Pressed undo to many times? Use this key combination to redo some of the steps.
Del/Backspace Delete Deletes the selected item(s).
Z Zoom Activates to the Zoom function and allows you to select an area of the virtual mat to zoom to.
Ctrl + X Cut ‘Cuts’ the selected item from your project. You can then ‘paste’ it again or, if you do nothing and continue this is the same as deleting it.
Ctrl + C Copy Copies the currently selected item(s) in your project; you can then ‘paste’ new copies with the Ctrl V shortcut.
Ctrl + V Paste Pastes the most recent item(s) that have been copied or cut. Repeated pressing of this key combination will give your more copies, one for each time your press it.
D Duplicate Creates a duplicate of the currently selected item(s). A quicker version of the cut/copy and paste method.
G Group Groups the currently selected item(s). Also acts as the ‘ungroup’ shortcut if you have selected a grouped item.
A Select All Selects all items within your project. A good way to clear the whole mat without starting a new project.
Ctrl + Shift + ] Bring to front Brings the selected item(s) in front of all other shapes on the mat.
Ctrl + ] Forward one layer Brings the selected item(s) in front of one other shape at a time.
Ctrl + Shift + [ Send to Back Sends all selected item(s) to the back of all other shapes on the mat.
Ctrl + [ Back one layer Sends all selected item(s) to the back of other shape at a time.

Hope these help!

If you have any questions or comments in relation to this video post then please do feel free to pop them in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

See you again soon – same Bat blog, same, Bat channel.

J :)

32 thoughts on “Keyboard Shortcuts For Scan N Cut Canvas

  1. John – I love shortcut keys because it cuts out so many mouse clicks. The zoom shortcut works but I can’t seem to get out of the zoom – is there a way to go back once it’s zoomed to be able to use the mouse?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi John Thanks for all your help and the shortcut list. How do I save a project I have created in “My Projects” in Canvas on my computer please

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for all your posts – they’re great. I’m quite nervous as all evening, I get “err90 or err99 – error connecting to server and the Brother Canvas won’t even save my work. Does this happen a lot? I still have a window where I can return the machine. Thanks for your input.


    • Thanks – Help guide has no answer (you click download with the big arrow like you’re supposed to and get the server connection error). Unfortunately, both phone and email support are only mon-fri working hours in the U.S.


      • Everything there is working now – same commands. Just hoping the server connection error from their cloud server doesn’t happen a lot. Decided to keep the machine for now and have my fingers crossed working over the internet as opposed to directly on the laptop won’t be problematic. Thank you for this blog – it is a tremendous help!


  4. Gentleman John your posts are always useful and I look forward to them. Can you help me with a problem. I have been successful in converting files to use in canvas but when I want to cut them I get an error message asking me to load the 12 x 24 mat. These images should easily cut on the 12 x 12 mat. Is there anyway I can set the 12 x 12 mat as defaultonly change the size as and when needed. Many thanks. Crafty Pam


  5. Thanks for all your information but not just the shortcuts, all your posts. Unfortunately I’m getting disillusioned with my SnC…if I’m cutting several items at once, it will cut some and tear others apart…even when the are all the same; there’s is no way I can cut small items, like Mel does for her nails! Any ideas would be welcome…

    regards Anni (N/Warwickshire)


    • It depends on what you are trying to cut. Mel hasn’t been in touch for quite some time and as I don’t have a tv I haven’t been watching the channel since I left so it might be worth trying to get hold of Mel or contacting Brother.


      • Gosh thanks for such a prompt reply…I tend to use super smooth, craft and mirri board…but whatever it is it doesn’t answer the question of it’s inconsistent cutting. I’ll take your advice and contact brother…kids just arriving for mothers day lunch so I’m off now but thanks again Anni


  6. Thank you very much John. You are a gem sharing your knowledge! I knew some of these but not all, so like others I am going to print it off & pin within sight!!
    Happy crafting


  7. John, thank you so much for sharing this list with us – Im sure we will be using many of them in the future and saving our time! It’s going up on my pegboard straight away!


  8. Hi John big hugs great help I knew a few but am really glad of your knowledge

    Cheers Chrissy

    Sent from Windows Mail


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