Making A Chain Link In Scan N Cut Canvas Blog Preview

Designing A Chain Link Frame In Scan N Cut Canvas

Been having a lot of good feedback regarding the mini tutorial videos that I have been making for Scan N Cut Canvas so thought I’d make another little quickie for you.

This time around I will be showing you how easily and quickly you can create a circular chain link frame, together with a mat layer, in Scan N Cut Canvas.

Here is what you’ll end up designing.

Making A Chain Link In Scan N Cut Canvas Blog Preview

And here is the video to show you how …

In the video I mentioned about the increments with which to rotate the pairs of circles. They are:

  • 0
  • 22.5
  • 45
  • 67.5
  • 90
  • 112.5
  • 135
  • 157.5

As ever, if you have any questions or comments regarding this post then please feel free to use the comments section below.

Many thanks for visiting and watching. Hope you find this post/video useful.

See you next time.

J :)

15 thoughts on “Designing A Chain Link Frame In Scan N Cut Canvas

  1. What an amazing tutorial John, I have spent the weekend in bed, lost my voice but managed to watch most of your videos – can’t wait to have a go, even managed to do my updates.
    Thank you
    Lesley Buckle, Stowmarket, Suffolk


  2. I had trouble duplicating what you had done but then I spotted the sizes on the bottom left and used the same, .. it worked. I tried the same process on hearts, it worked out well on Canvas. Now I just have to cut it. Thank you for these videos.


  3. Hi John, Wow thank you for this video I enjoyed it and loved what you did…I did replicate what you made and it inspired me to have a go at something myself – I am trying to make a ring of anchors! – using your method – all went really well UNTIL I tried to weld them – I’m getting an error message of : part of the line overlaps with other lines, slightly move the line and then try this operation again….ErrS12

    I have tried a few things, but don’t want to mess up the % of the pairs in the ring too much – I tried moving the pair further apart from each other! Could you please give me a pointer in the right direction as to how to make this work for my anchor ring? I am have enclosed the file Im working on if that helps…..I imagine you will need to see what I have done! I would be eternally grateful if you could set me straight….I am a waiting for some spare money at moment I love some of the sentiment files you have made and want to get some of those as soon as I can…I pointed a friend of mine in your direction and she has bought several of your files….

    Sue Smith


  4. Thank you – very impressed – very clever idea and love your technique to do this…I learnt a lot – AND i actually managed to o it – Thank you Love your videos they are so helpful.


  5. Wow that is so cool – thank you John – a great video again….thank you….love it…you make it look so easy it inspires me to have a go…and Obviously if it works with a circle it will work with other shapes too!


  6. Great video John. Very helpful. Incidentally, did you know you can duplicate a shape by clicking on it and holding down the ‘alt’ key. Saves keep going into edit. I use a Mac but assume it will work on a PC


  7. Thank you John. A very good informative video. I shall certainly put it to good use. Also thanks for the measurements. That is most helpful, maths definately isn’t my strong point!!



    • Thank you so so much for that, only this morning I was trying to work out a very similar design but in a straight line and could not work part of it out, now I know where I was going wrong, question though, if the two pieces were welded together would this cut out in one piece?


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