Designing A Pillow Box In Scan N Cut Canvas (Video)

Well hello there! I’ve been creating and editing videos again – this time around I thought that I would give you something a little more ‘meaty’ and decided to create a walkthrough on how to create a pillow box in Scan N Cut Canvas.


Hope you found that useful. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for automatic updates.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you again soon.

J :)

11 thoughts on “Designing A Pillow Box In Scan N Cut Canvas (Video)

  1. Evening, I have been trying out this box but I keep getting the same message as Janine above, I cleared it all off and started again but still no luck, I can not weld the square to the other parts, any idea what I am doing wrong, I have checked and checked all connections which seem to be fine? Thank you in advance for any ideas.


  2. Hi John, Thank you for all the help you give us you are a inspiration to us all, but I need your help please, I’ve been trying to do the pillow box, and I seem to be following your every lead but when I get to the point of welding the square to the 2 rectangles I get an error code ErrS07 I have changed the color of the lines but cannot see any gaps,and I sent the rectangles to the back, any idea what I am doing wrong. Janine


    • Hi I have been trying this pillow box this evening and been getting the same error message you got, i have checked and checked everything is touching, did you gt any reply or did you sort out the problem?


  3. Thanks for that John, good explanations of using the different tools, I will have a go now, was not very successful before on doing designing.


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