Scan N Cut Canvas – Process Overlapped Feature – What Is It?

Lots of confusion regarding the “Process Overlapped” feature in Scan N Cut Canvas from people that contact me so I thought that I would take a few mins to record a quick overview on what ‘Process Overlapped’ is and what it does – you’ll kick yourself when the penny drops …

Hope this helps!

Take care and see you again soon.

J :)

11 thoughts on “Scan N Cut Canvas – Process Overlapped Feature – What Is It?

  1. Thanks John Great bit of info as usual just to let you know currys have scandisc cruz edge usb stick selling for £5.49 8gb compatible with scan n cut i have bought one and undated my machine thanks again John


  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain that to us, and now I feel I can do so much more with my machine than I could before. You really are a star!


  3. Thank you John, that is the clearest explanation I have seen of those processes… I usually have to play around numerous times to get what I want because I’ve not been too sure of exactly what to do to get the effect I wanted! Thank you

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  4. Thank you John. I have often wondered what all that was about! Now it is all very clear! I’ll give it a go as I now have lots of ideas buzzing round my head for card shapes & apertures. It’s great & having this creative package free from Brother is brill!! Thank you again.
    Happy crafting


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