Zen Doodle Artist Trading Card Daily - 111

Artist Trading Card Daily – 111

I have been doing a bit of doodling over the last couple of days to calm things down a bit.

I came up with three doodled Artist Trading Cards as a result. 

Here is the first one.This was completed on a single 2.5″ x 3.5″ piece of cardstock.

I first mapped out the intersecting lines with a pencil, over which I created the solid lines with a thick Pigma Micron pen.

After erasing the pencil lines I then filled in the spaces with some random doodles.

To completed the piece I created a solid black border that would look like a layer or frame.Very happy with this one! Hope you liked it also.

I’ll post the next doodle ATC tomorrow.

As always, if you have any comments or questions about this post then please feel free to use the comments section below. Also, If you know of anyone that would appreciate reading this post, there are handy sharing icons below.

Many thanks for taking the time to read about my little creations.

I’ll see you again soon!

J :)

J :)

15 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card Daily – 111

  1. how many more strings have you got to your bow? love the card. so simple and clean lines, if only I could do that, my doodles are rubbish xx


  2. Hi John,

    Wow, what a stunning little piece of Zentangle! Not too cluttered and beautifully shaded. I have promised myself I am going to do some more myself so you post is very well timed. I had an idea to cut Christmas shapes out on the Cameo and tangle myself some Christmas toppers, a mat isn’t a problem as I can cut one to match. Might try out just with an outline first. I also thought I might tangle some die cuts too (like you do- too much enforced thinking time!)

    Anyway, enough of my overy active mind, can’t wait to see the others!

    Hugs, T x


  3. That’s not doodling John – that’s a work of art!!! Brilliant!! Looking forward to the next ones!!
    Happy crafting


  4. I wish my doodles were as wonderfully fabulous as this! I still haven’t got the hang of the most basic zentangle.
    Looking forward to seeing your further ‘doodles’ art John.


  5. That’s a really fabulous bit of doodling, John! It looks so architectural. You didn’t by any chance have any input into the designing and building of Spaghetti Junction, did you?
    :o) lol


  6. It’s lovely John, I did something similar last night …. shame it was down the side of my agenda in a meeting :-)


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