Artist Trading Card Daily 97 - Using Lyra Pencils 2

Artist Trading Card Daily – 97

Hello my little blogettes, how are you today?

My little cardstock colouring challenge continues in today’s Artist Trading Card post with the use of Lyra Pencils.

Now, I don’t know about you but I would love to be a lady of leisure. Or perhaps a man of leisure. Or basically just craft all day and not have to do any work whatsover. In any case, you catch my drift, right?

Well, the lovely Julliette appears to have that life! Thankfully this is not my part-time name, but that of the digi stamp that I used for today’s creation.

It was definitely a challenge colouring the folds of her fabric and hair curls … the pencil sharpener was always at the ready to make sure that I had a fine tip with which to work.

Artist Trading Card Daily 97 - Using Lyra Pencils 1

Despite the furrowed brow of concentration an enjoyable time was had.

The paper milk cardstock from Paper Cutz again came into it’s own with this test as it took the Lyra pencils beautifully and gave me lots of depth of tone and allowed for the finest of shading in the hair curls.

Artist Trading Card Daily 97 - Using Lyra Pencils 2I even managed to use the pencils to help create a minimal background into which the maiden would sit.

Nothing much more to explain on this one as it was pure, plain and simple colouring with shades of grey – maybe there were fifty, but who knows – you’ve seen the new book out now though, right? lol ;)

If you are interested in using any of the materials in this project then you can find the Paper Milk cardstock over at Paper Cutz and the Julliette digi stamp over at Make It Crafty.

As always, if you have any comments or questions about this post then please feel free to use the comments section below. Also, If you know of anyone that would appreciate reading this post, there are handy sharing icons below.

Many thanks for taking the time to read about my little creations.

I’ll see you again soon!

J :)


6 thoughts on “Artist Trading Card Daily – 97

  1. Gorgeous ! Love the shading! I am going to look up the pencils you’re using, not that they will make me half as good as you but I’m learning that the right tools for the job are very important. Thanks again X


  2. Love this one John, shading was the first technique I was taught at Art College.
    I now want to do it again Thank you for reminding me
    Best wishes
    Adrienne x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi John

    Love it, I collect shades of grey pencils like they’re going out of fashion! I have my main set of pencils and it is enhanced by greys from all manufacturers- so useful!

    I do love my manga and anime so this is another winner


    T x


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