Fabric Friday 6

Fabric Friday – Something Old, Something New. Nothing Borrowed and Something Blue …

Fabric Friday hasn’t been around for a while but I’m pleased to say that I’ve literally been doing nothing else but see for two days … progress at last!!

I therefore thought that it would be nice to remind you (and me) of projects that I need to finish and those that I am about to embark upon.

So first up, remember the shirt quilt? (I’m not surprised if you don’t as I last gave an update nearly a year ago!)

Well a few more blocks have made it onto the hand-stitched assembly line.

Fabric Friday - Winter Quilt Project Update - (14)

It’s not a big step forward but hey, this is a labour of love after all and I’m trying to make each stitch precise and every join and corner perfect.

Fabric Friday - Winter Quilt Project Update - (10)

Here is a link to the most recent (albeit a year ago) blog post about this project.

Next, those jelly roll blocks that I began making in September (woof! where does the time go?!) and blogged about in this post – well they’ve finally had the sashing strips sewn on and are now ready for the wadding, backing and binding!

Fabric Friday 4

I have created the binding from a fabric that is of a similar colour to the sashing to try and tie it all into the same tonal range.

Fabric Friday 5

Next I will need to fold that into a double fold binding strip and begin attaching it – but before that I will need to attach the backing and wadding.

Another little project I started a while ago has also had some progress made. I’m not sure that I blogged about this one yet, but you never know, I may have but forgotten about it…

Anyway, it started out as a few little cabin block style pieces. I had played around with layout for a while (constantly bringing them out and putting them away again) but it was only the other day that I finally decided how this was going to go so I sttiched the blocks into a small placemat arrangement.

Fabric Friday 1

I then pinned wadding and backing in place and chose some coordinating threads that would form the top stitching.

Fabric Friday 2

I’ve started the top stitching but have more to do before I can finish with binding. I’m enjoying how this is going so far though.

Fabric Friday 3

What do you think?

I’m not 100% sure that I like this one to be honest … time will tell I guess.

Now for the upcoming projects.

I recently shared some pictures on Facebook of some fabrics that I have been preparing for a table runner. I did get a little bit going on this, well, at least I cut the strips.

Fabric Friday - Fat Quarter Fun - Part 1 - Fabric Strips
Fabric Friday - Foundation Paper Piecing Playtime - 14 The Strips

This fabric set will be forming a table runner using the quilt-as-you-go method. I’ll try and explain more in a future blog post – once I actually get cracking on it.

The next project after that will be a simple repeating half-square triangle wall hanging.

At a recent visit to my local market I found a lovely blue and ivory printed cotton fabric that was just screaming at me to buy it – so I did. I am sooo weak, lol. Anyway, I made sure to get some coordinating navy coloured plain fabric.

Fabric Friday 6

My intention for this is to cut half-square triangles from each, using my Sizzix quilting die, and then stitch these together into a basic repeating pattern.

The finished touch that I am quite excited about will be that I intend to try Sashiko stitching on the navy fabric pieces! That’ll look so cool, don’t you think?

So, phew! There’s a lot going on in the sewing area right now wouldn’t you say?!

On that point, I’d best crack on with it and stop sitting here nattering.

I wonder what sewing projects you are working on right now …

Thanks for visiting and listening to my waffle.

See you again soon.

J :)

9 thoughts on “Fabric Friday – Something Old, Something New. Nothing Borrowed and Something Blue …

  1. Hi John

    All lovely but my favourites are the strip quilt and those green tones fabrics for the table runner.

    The ivory and blue fabric screamed at me too! Mines going on a sewing machine bag and a sewing apron. Should have enough aside for some other little sewing goodies

    The iron on fabric colour, saw that too. You’ll have to let us know how that works out!

    Hoping for some sewing time myself soon- doggy bandanas for the summer- my boy gets hot easily and a wet bandana round his neck cools him down. He likes wearing them anyway (he’s a bit of a show off lol)

    Have a lovely weekend,

    T x


  2. Hi there I always read your posts and get loads of inspiration from them. I’m on the other side of the world in Australia but you bring a bit of the UK to my day. Thank you and keep crafting

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These look brill! Well done John. Keep up the blogs I enjoy reading them all.
    I wish I had your energy, I’m trying to make some bags from Jenny Rayment’s book & also some patchwork cushions. But time keeps running away with me! What is your secret? Please tell! !

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi, all look lovely , I am busy making bags , door stops etc from Debbie’s CDs. Should really be getting on with a half finished baby quilt, but will do that next. LOL


  5. I love your waffle John. Really enjoy your cards. May not post every time, but I really look at them all plus the info you give for each one.


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