Brother Scan N Cut Canvas Overview

A Quick Video Overview Of Brother Scan N Cut Canvas

Here is a quick video overview of the Brother Scan N Cut Canvas that I put together recently.

I am planning more videos on this in the near future so if there is anything that you would like me to cover, please feel free to pop your requests in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

In the meantime, thank you for watching! :)

51 thoughts on “A Quick Video Overview Of Brother Scan N Cut Canvas

  1. HELP please. Firstly I would like to say I think your ideas are fantastic. I am not a card
    maker but love crafting, Since watching Create and Craft and demonstrations it has
    helped me greatly. I actually bought Page Plus(Serif) from Serif previously and it was only when I saw demonstrations on CraftArtist that I worked out how to produce something I was working on.

    I am a 70 year old and losing some of my memory (medical). I have forgotten both the entries to get in ScanNCut and am not receiving a reply to my e-mail when filling in their sections, I have a feeling I might have enrolled when I had a BT not Virgin e-mail so no point in putting BT for reply. When I put virgin email the site wont accept saying they already have that email address. The site seems to have problems. I sent an email to your technical dept, and scan and cut ages ago and got no reply. Ideal world rang me the next day offering lots of items but I love investigating things. I buy when something takes my fancy. Demonstrations on your channel are at times brilliant. especially with brother ScanNCut and Serif. You are good at demonstrating too.

    Hope you can help.



  2. Hi, I have been converting my SVG files in Canvas and saving them in Canvas as a project as well as my USB stick. Is there a limit to how many projects can be saved in Canvas? I have lots over the years, doing a few each evening, taking a while :)

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  3. I just received my Scan N Cut yesterday but had combed YouTube and watched tons of instructional videos plus I downloaded the owners manual, beforehand. Well, all I can say is that your informative, to the point video was the best thing I have seen. I even successfully converted and saved some free SVG files, thanks to another one of your posts. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity and knowledge with the rest of us in blogger land.

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  4. Hi John I wrote to say how useful I thought this tutorial would be. At that point I had used only the built in scan n cut programes, and found a couple if sites with cutting files. I have tried the canvas, but fell at the first hurdle! How do you get your projects to display as thumbs. Once I have put them onto my USB stick I have trouble accessing them again. It would be great to find them quickly to manipulate the images on a bigger screen thanks for your help Lois


  5. Hi John, Thanks for this video on the scan n cut canvas. Will be doing any other Scan N Cut video’s?. I really enjoyed this one. I sent this on to my friend in England as she has just received one for Christmas.


  6. Hi John, thanks for replying. Problem solved…..watched it on youtube and had audio. I don’t know why I couldn’t hear audio on from your blog. Laptop settings all good. Cheers, Kym
    P.S. I look forward to your next vid, thanks

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  7. Thank you so much for this video. I have my machine from the end off October, still just getting used to it but I do love it .Could you please tell me how to download updates very confused.



  8. Hello John, great video, very helpful and informative, and well presented. Looking forward to more. I have like others dabbled a bit, but really want to get more used to various functions like welding text and shapes. Take care and hope you are feeling much better. Bx


  9. Hi John, thanks for the video. I purchased my machine about a month ago and am addicted to it already. I have had to pretty much teach myself as the manual is confusing and seems to be all over the place. Does your video have audio? I couldn’t hear anything. Very weird watching cursor flit all over screen, lol. I live in Australia and the lack of avaliable consumables here is disheartening but hopefully in time that will change. Cheers, Kym


  10. John thanks so much this it is soooo useful. I have been watching the scan n cut programmes on C & C since last Jan. Finally got one for Christmas. My problem is with the blade & holder. Mel seems to get a good cut on no 4 to 7 for most projects. Any thing less than 5 my blade is not visible above the plastic, and nothing even marks the paper. To cut med weight card I have to have the blade on at least 10 and pressure 1. However ever will I be able to cut thicker card. This is a big disappointment to me. Is it something wrong with the holder or the blade. I did email in to the last weeks4 day deals, my email was not read, and though Mel promised to respond to all questions I have so far had ho help.


      • Dear john thank you so much for the quick reply concerning my problem with the blade. it is nice to know some one actually is listening. I have been following your DVDs step by step and it has helped so much looking forward to the next instalment. Hope you are now well. All the best Lois

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