Brother Scan N Cut – Updated Link List

It’s been quite some time since I posted the useful links list on my blog. Since then I have created more posts and more information has become available for Scan N Cut users.

I thought that it would therefore be a good idea if I posted an updated list of links and sources of information for anyone that needs it.

Brother Scan N Cut Offical Links

Brother Scan N Cut UK Website
Official UK Website For All Brother Scan N Cut CM600DX Users.

Scan N Cut Canvas
Official Cloud Based Design Software For The Brother Scan N Cut.

Scan N Cut Canvas Help (PDF)
Help Document For The Brother Scan N Cut Canvas Cloud Based Design Software.

Brother Scan N Cut Updates, Downloads and Support Website (UK Users – CM600DX)
Official Support, Updates and Downloads for Brother Scan N Cut Users In The UK.

Brother Updates, Downloads and Support Website (All Other Regions)
Official Support, Updates and Downloads Brother Scan N Cut Users In Other Areas Of The World.

Brother Scan n Cut YouTube Channel
The Official Brother Scan N Cut YouTube Channel. Lots of videos for you to learn from.

Brother Scan N Cut UK Facebook Page
Official Facebook Page For The Brother Scan N Cut In The UK.

Brother Scan N Cut UK Twitter Account
Official Twitter Account For The Brother Scan N Cut In The UK.

Brother Scan N Cut USB Compatibility List (PDF)
Official List Of Compatible USB Sticks For Use With The Brother Scan N Cut.

The majority of the links above appear in the sidebar of this blog when viewing any of the posts about the Brother Scan N Cut so you can always get to them.

Unofficial Brother Scan N Cut Links

Here are some additional links that you might also find useful.

My Scan N Cut Settings Guide (PDF)
Some Suggested Settings For Different Materials That I Have Cut With The Brother Scan N Cut.

My Blog Posts About The Brother Scan N Cut
A collection of blog posts on this blog dedicated to the Brother Scan N Cut.

Brother Scan N Cut Inspire Facebook Group
A well maintained and dedicated worldwide group of people sharing ideas, links, hints, tips and information about the Brother Scan N Cut. This is a closed group so you will need to request to join. This is good as it keeps the group focused. There are some very helpful and knowledgeable people helping others, including myself occasionally.

I hope that you find these links useful. Fell free to share this post with all you feel would be interested; there are handy sharing buttons for all major social platforms below.

Thanks for stopping by. See you next time.

J :)

22 thoughts on “Brother Scan N Cut – Updated Link List

  1. Love your blog and appreciate all the links you have posted here. Was though if updates also apply to the cm300 as most talk about updates is about the cm600. Thanks for your help


  2. Hi John I have hand drawn a circus tent template and scanned it into my Brother S &C it saved it but when I came to cut it out it says pattern outside effective area. It is almost an A4 lengthways can you help please ? Thanks


  3. Thank you for posting this! My first SNC is on it’s way and I wondered if I had to purchase the Brother flash drive or use my own. Not only can I use my own, but mine is one of the accepted brands. Phew.
    I plan to design my own quilt appliqué patterns and will be using Ai before converting to the accepted file. I can’t wait to see what I’ll come up with!
    …and I love your blog! As a graphic designer, I want to tell you how organized and user-friendly it is. I also love the style of it. Great job!


  4. Hi John,
    Is there any way I can get hold of the 2 project books? I bought the machine at the launch but having moved house have not had time to play. With me a picture paints a thousand ships! Love you latest blog.
    Best wishes
    Pauline Laskey


  5. Hi Kathleen
    Have my machine from it was lunched it grate but at the moment it cutting of track so when i cut out a box shape it finishes a little of, Can you help me with this I think it of line is there anything i can do to fix this


  6. Thanks for posting these links John, they’re really handy especially as i’m still learning and not very computer savy! I made my father in law a birthday card using your lattice file and it looked amazing. Please can you add more cutting files when you get time.


  7. Thanks for the reminders John of all the links. Very useful. One question please. I am ashamed to say I have had my machine since launch & have yet to do an update. As I believe there are several, do I need to download & install them all in the correct order that they were issued. Oh dear I’m not very good at the techy, housekeeping bit of crafting, much prefer the doing!!! I hope doing the upgrades will be self explanatory & easy to perform!


    • Thank you John. Will have a go! Hopefully very soon!! There are just not enough hours in the day to do everything I want!!


      • Thanks John. At last I have updated my Brother ‘Brian’! I knew I’d get round to it eventually. I had bit of a problem with my new USB stick (SanDisk Cruzer Edge 8GB), I tried and ‘Brian’ couldn’t find the file! Went back to PC & tried again after I was told USB needed formatting! Still didn’t work so I then tried ‘save as’ rather the ‘open or Run’. the download was successful, went to ‘Brian’ & WAY-HAY update successful!!!
        Thanks for your help. You must be amazed how some of us are such numpties!!
        Now I’m off to try Canvas next and try downloading things to cut. So far I’ve just used the designs on ‘Brian’. That name has really taken off!! Thank you Leonie, you’re a star!!


  8. Hi John
    Lovely to hear from you, thanks for taking the time to create this list, have seen some of them but will be looking at the rest……have been using my scan n cut to cut out appliqué shapes from my Husqvarna embroidery software so much easier than cutting them by hand.


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