Monday Mash Up - A Metallic Bubble Effect Canvas - Finished Result 2

Monday Mash Up – A Metallic Bubble Effect Canvas

My enthusiasm in making canvas creations seems to be continuing this week with quite a quick and simple abstract affair.

This canvas was inspired by a “bubble” stencil from Prima Marketing. It is one of their Elementals range and has lots of circles in different sizes all over it.

For a change I already had the finished design in mind so I quickly gathered up the bits and bobs that I was going to work with.

There were some gilding flakes and a dark eggshell coloured emulsion paint.

Monday Mash Up - A Metallic Bubble Effect Canvas - MaterialsI did also, as a bit of an after thought, grab some Gesso with which to prime the canvas.

Monday Mash Up - A Metallic Bubble Effect Canvas - Gesso

After priming the canvas board the first coat of emulsion went on.

Monday Mash Up - A Metallic Bubble Effect Canvas - Painted Canvas

You can probably tell from the picture above that it was a bit patchy so I gave the canvas a second coat and dried it off with a heat gun.

Now it was time to apply the glu for the flakes so I then reached for the stencil. This was a large twelve inch square stencil so it fitted over this smaller canvas quite well.

Monday Mash Up - A Metallic Bubble Effect Canvas - Stencil

To apply the Indigio Blu Flitter Glu I used a make up sponge to dab it through the stencil until I was sure that I had a good coverage and then waited for it to “set”.

Monday Mash Up - A Metallic Bubble Effect Canvas - Glue On Canvas

I then threw caution to the wind and lobbed an entire pot of Winter Dawn Gilding Flakes all over the canvas.

Monday Mash Up - A Metallic Bubble Effect Canvas - Gilding Flakes 2

I chose this particular variant as it had an assortment of colours within a “base” of silver and this looked really good against the dark eggshell paint.

I had a bit of a cold while I was making this so I was praying that I didn’t sneeze. Also I could only breathe through my mouth so I was also having to breathe sideways – I must have looked like a loony! lol :)

Anyway, after gently brushing the flakes around the canvas until the sticky areas had been covered and then used the scoochy sponge to buff away the excess.

Et viola!

Monday Mash Up - A Metallic Bubble Effect Canvas - Finished Result 2

Now, I’d like to make this sound more complicated and make this post last a little longer however that really was it!

Nice, simple and relatively quick (as I set the layers of paint with a heat gun).

This canvas is currently sitting proudly in my lounge but I suspect that, with my collection growing, I am going to need to find a new place for it soon.

Monday Mash Up - A Metallic Bubble Effect Canvas - Finished Result 3

What do you think? Nice isn’t it? I wonder what colour choices you would make though …

If you have any questions or comments about this post or technique, please feel free to pop it in the comments section below.

Many thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.

J :)


22 thoughts on “Monday Mash Up – A Metallic Bubble Effect Canvas

  1. Hi Mohn this is fantastic,love the bit that you threw caution to the wind,and put on all the flakes,well done,
    I love the way it turned,and your step by step,and what things were needed.


  2. That’s a really good idea. I have some canvasses that I’m not to keen on the picture so will ‘white’ them out and give this a go. Nothing lost as I don’t like them anyway.


  3. Hi John

    Hope your cold is better x Wow, I just LOVE this, I have some X-stitch that I haven’t done for the lounge yet as I couldn’t think of what to put them up with to break up the ‘one object lost on a plain wall’ look and I think that some canvases similar to this would look amazing. I also have some canvas block and have been deciding on something to make a panel feature on some small cupboard doors that won’t cost much and could be easily replaced if damaged. Also how about book/ folder covers, box lids… aww John, you got me thinking! AGAIN!!!

    (Love ya for it though! What an inspiration you are!)

    Crafty hugs

    T x

    P.S did download the piecing template, intending to do it soon. Crazy time hiring new help. Something to look forward to :-)


  4. Hope you’re feeling better John but I must admit that I would have seen the faces that you were making as you were breathing sideways ;-)
    John this is beautiful and I absolutely love your color choices. I’ve never heard of gilding flakes before now but I love the look and the texture that it gave your project. I would probably use a wine or gray background to coordinate with the colors in my home. Thanks again for sharing with us. I truly LOVE your blog!


  5. Very silly of me but I think it would be highly amusing to see someone try this technique directly on their walls – can you imagine the fluttering of flakes going everywhere especially with a huge sneeze. Hope you are feeling much better now John and thanks for all of your inspirational projects. Enjoy your day


  6. Great result John. I’d love to do this with a wine/burgundy background – and then another with a creamy white background – as these are the colours in my living room, and I think they’d look really striking.

    I love playing with gilding flakes – if only because I usually end up gilding at least two of my fingernails on each hand! By accident, – but it looks so ‘designer’ and salon done! lol.


  7. That’s gorgeous John, I have been contemplating the background to use for my Stamps Away Perpetual Calendar and I think you have just cracked it. I want to put pics of my 2 lovely dogs on it and they both love to play ball, so this will incorporate their passion, and mine. Think I will use my Scan n Cut to make the stencil, that way I can make the circles the sizes I want them.
    Well done once again
    Love and Light
    Sioux x


  8. Hi John looks lovely I have some canvas to print photos onto but when I tried it eould not print properly do you have to have a special printer ?????


      • No it advertises as just load and print, by the way I still haven’t built up the courage to use my Scan N Cut machine in just over a year now tried to find Mels help line but no joy and I love what you do and what you allow us to do with your patterns many thanks.
        jean confused (now you know why I have the second name) Ha!


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