Monday Mash Up - A Cracking Canvas Creation - 12

Monday Mash Up – I Think I’m Cracking Up

No, no, not really. Lol. It’s another canvas creation.

The title comes from the finished result, but I’ll be honest, this was not how it started out or where it was supposed to end up!

This canvas started out with some simple painting techniques.

I began with a light acrylic paint and spread this over the entire canvas. Then I added layers of darker tones, working out towards the outer edge, and finished by stippling some black over the corners,

Monday Mash Up - A Cracking Canvas Creation - 1

So, you probably guessed that I was going for a distressed look again so I decided to pop open the Inkseentials Crackle Accents bottle that’s been sitting around my craft room for ages.

Monday Mash Up - A Cracking Canvas Creation - 2

I did a Brut Job on the canvas (splash it all over) – or was that old spice. Either way, that puppy was well and truly covered.

Monday Mash Up - A Cracking Canvas Creation - 3

Because I had given it such a thick layer the 4 hour drying time was not enough. Indeed I had to wait for around 12 hours (i.e. overnight) to see the result.

Monday Mash Up - A Cracking Canvas Creation - 4

Shazam and CRACK! That certainly worked well!

Monday Mash Up - A Cracking Canvas Creation - 5

As you can make out in the photos above there were lots of deep cracks so I thought that it would be a good idea to get some dark ink down there to accentuate the cracks.

I reached for the doCrafts sparkly Spritzing inks and chose the darkest one and then spritzed my finger raw.

Monday Mash Up - A Cracking Canvas Creation - 6

Ok, yup, that’s plenty of ink. That should fill those gaps.

I actually thought that it was too much and that I wanted to see some of the colour underneath so I got the tissues and dabbed away of lot of the surface liquid.

Monday Mash Up - A Cracking Canvas Creation - 7

After it had dried, I changed my mind and decided that it would be great if I added more of the spritzing ink so that the canvas ended up looking like dragon skin – so I went for it and added some blue and gold.

Monday Mash Up - A Cracking Canvas Creation - 8 Monday Mash Up - A Cracking Canvas Creation - 10

Looking great at the moment!

After this point, it all descends into what crafters often refer to as “fiddling”. I added more spritz, let it dry, coated that in gloss varnish. Then went back and did it all again.

Basically I have got to the point where I am going to like the finished result as I am running out of spritzing ink – lol!

Anyway, I edged the canvas in black acrylic paint and here be the “final” piece.

Monday Mash Up - A Cracking Canvas Creation - 11 Monday Mash Up - A Cracking Canvas Creation - 14

To be honest, I may revisit this some day and add some dragon related things to it, but for now it is an enjoyable piece of abstract texture art for my living room.

What do you think? A waste of supplies or a work of art? Do let me know what you think in the comments section below (be nice please).

Thanks for the catch up and I look forward to seeing you again next time.

J :)


46 thoughts on “Monday Mash Up – I Think I’m Cracking Up

  1. I love this John, don’t know how I overlooked this email. Now I have to go and fish out my crackle in the back bedroom
    Love and Light
    Sioux x x x x


  2. Certainly not a wasted journey here, one I would love to follow. Inspired once again, thank you John, lovely colours and yes definitely dragon scales. Beautiful.


  3. I really like this. But I liked it when it was a bit gold-er. And I liked it before that too! Like you, I can seldom be satisfied with anything I do myself. But I think you’ve done a fab job here – so leave it alone!


  4. Ab Fab. Really, really like it, really. If you do put a dragon on it, why not try a dragon with Sparkle Medium, (my new favourite “medium”). I love your posts, especially the Scan N Cut ones, but all in fairness.


  5. Love it!!!! Looking forward to seeing how/if you progress with it. I’ve always enjoyed making cards but since reading your blog you’ve really inspired me to create for our home. By showing us all the different stages as well as how to recover/amend when working you’ve certainly given me confidence to try new areas of crafting. Many, many thanks.


  6. This is a beautiful piece of work. I can admire it but I am not a fan of this type of art. If I do something new, I like if to look new! Crackle glaze gives a distressed appearance that can look as if its been kicking around for years!! Sorry that’s just me but I enjoyed reading your blog & how you achieved your work of art. Well done.
    Carole M


  7. Wow, I didn`t know that the crackle stuff was so good, must try some myself. Thanks for all the inspiration you give, a man of many talents!! x


  8. Fab fab fab it’s amazing im going to try
    This . It looks just like dragon skin like you said . Well done hope mine turns out as good .


  9. Awesome results. This would also be a great way to use paper that you don’t like. I am new to your site and am very much impressed. Thanks a lot John for inspiring me.


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