SVG Saturday - Mini Envelope Cutting File - 2

SVG Saturday – A Mini Envelope With Many Uses

This week’s free SVG cutting file is a simple mini envelope. I have designed this to fit Artist Trading Cards however you can of course increase the size to fit larger projects.

Here are the links to the relevant files.

You will get a single cutting file contained in a zipped folder. You will need to extract the files before using them in your machines.

Angel Policy – You can make and sell as many handcrafted items as you like that include this file, but please don’t sell or give away the file itself. If you would like to let anyone know about it, there are handy sharing links at the end of this post.

I actually originally designed this envelope cutting file for an Artist Trading Card that I made recently which slips in quite nicely.

SVG Saturday - Mini Envelope Cutting File - 3

I’ll be creating a blog post about this ATC for tomorrow.

The cutting file that I have created does not have score lines within the design as I found that these gave it a very rough look when assembled.

Construction is super simple though, just score the four lines shown here…

SVG Saturday - Mini Envelope Cutting File - 4

Fold in the sides and apply glue to the lower sections of the side flaps as show here …

SVG Saturday - Mini Envelope Cutting File - 5

Fold up the base flap and hold in place until stuck.

SVG Saturday - Mini Envelope Cutting File - 6

Yup, that simple.

You can of course cut layers or designs to put on the front to decorate it if you like.

SVG Saturday - Mini Envelope Cutting File - 2

As mentioned, this file can be resized. Here is a rough guide to sizes.

  • If you cut the file from an A5 piece of cardstock you will be able to get the ATC envelope. You can also cut this size from a six inch square piece of paper or card but will need to rotate the design by 45 degrees.
  • If you cut the file from an A4 piece of cardstock you will be able to get an envelope that is 3.75 inches wide x 5.25 inches high.
  • If you cut the file from a twelve inch piece of cardstock you can get an envelope that is 5 inches wide x seven inches high (if you rotate the design by 45 degrees).

Here are the three different sizes that are mentioned above. I didn’t really notice before but you don’t often see top loading.portrait envelopes so this (I think) is quite a unique style.

SVG Saturday - Mini Envelope Cutting File - 1

So that somes up the envelope.

If you have a cutting machine and are interest in Artist Trading Cards, you might like a previous project that I created.

Brother Scan N Cut - Scan It Saturday - Week 1 - Floral ATC - 2

If you would like the files for this design you can download them here.

You can also see the original post here.

Don’t forget to look in tomorrow too :)

So, envelopes are envelopes aren’t they? Well, being crafters I am sure that you can come up with lots of different uses so I hope that you will in some way get use from this “basic” cutting file.

Anyway, that’s it for this week. I’m glad that you stopped by.

If you have any questions about this post, then please do use the comments section below. If you have questions about anything else, please feel free to email me (there’s a link at the top of this blog).

Thanks for stopping by – see you again next time.

J :)

14 thoughts on “SVG Saturday – A Mini Envelope With Many Uses

  1. Thank you for sharing your files. I’ve just purchased the Brother Scan N Cut and these are great projects to start with. Angela x


  2. Hi John, thanks for your generosity. I absolutely LOVE your blog & I always look forward to what you’ll be teaching us next.
    John does the scan and cut score fold lines? If it does, would you mind showing us how this works?
    Thanks again for all the help you have given.


  3. Thanks John for yet another file to add to the growing collection going to need some more usb memory fobs at this rate!
    MIght use the bigger envelope idea for a welcome pack for the B&B that opens out to a mini map of the village and surrounding tourists features.


  4. Hi John,

    There’s been trends for little envelopes on card fronts over the years and the little atc size would look great on a 5×7 with a hidden message or sized for a gift card. It’s something I like to do on cards for younger people rather than just stuffing gift card or cash inside the card. I think this portrait envelope would look quite cool on mens cards too, don’t know why, just does to me!

    Also, I’m a sucker for a nice lattice! So I love the card

    I shall download later when I’m on the computer, along with the awesome piecing template from yesterday. Cutting machine shall soon be a reality! :-) can’t wait!

    Thanks for sharing John,

    Crafty hugs,

    T x


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