Scan It Saturday – A Chocolate Gift Box Cutting File

June 28, 2014 — 29 Comments

Just a quick set of cutting files to download for your Brother Scan N Cut machines today.

It builds on last week’s matchbox file but this time is a long thin box that you can give chocolate bars in. If you don’t eat them before you’ve finished making the box – like I did :)

There are two versions of the box. Version 1 – Has a base, a lid and a wrap. Version 2 – is essentially the same as version 1 however the box lid has “finger holes” to help you remove the lid. Here are some images of the basic assembled box.

Brother Scan N Cut - Chocolate Gift Box Free Cutting File - 2

Brother Scan N Cut - Chocolate Gift Box Free Cutting File - 1

The assembly is essentially the same as last week’s matchbox box cutting file so I won’t go through that again.

For those of you with the Brother Scan N Cut, here are the download links.

Remember, the files are already in the FCM file format, you just right click (if using Windows) on the link above and choose “Save Target As” or “Save File As” and save direct to your USB and then take to your machine. Tip: It might be worth creating a folder into which to place all of these components on your USB, then you know that they all together.

By the way, I have designed the lid as a separate cutting file as it needs to be slightly bigger than the base in order that they fit together once assembled. I have used American Crafts 80lb (approx 218gsm) cardstock to make this so if you go thicker/heavier, you will probably need to make the base a bit smaller so that it fits into the lid and wrap. If you go lighter (160, 180 or 200gsm) then you should be fine with things as they are.

Here is a pic showing some testers in different cardstocks.

Brother Scan N Cut - Chocolate Gift Box Free Cutting File - 6

Brother Scan N Cut - Chocolate Gift Box Free Cutting File - 7

As it’s just a quickie this week there are no decorated examples but I’ll be showing some ideas for decoration in this coming Monday’s Monday Mash Up post.

Now, a small confession, I was going to show you a pic of what the box looked like with a chocolate bar in, but I appear to have eaten it all, so, erm, I’ll try and remember to do that on Monday :)

I have worked out all of the measurements and designed this one from scratch so again, please feel free to give away and sell any finished projects that you make. If you would like to share the file however, please just direct people back to this blog post.

Ok, that’s it for this one. Thanks for checking in – I’ll see you next time.

J :)


29 responses to Scan It Saturday – A Chocolate Gift Box Cutting File


    Thank you I shall have a play with these tomorrow, just unpacked mine and tried it out for the first time and cut a whopping great big cirlce through my matt, what a special girl I am, I have taped it back in and will try this tomorrow, just learning, so thank you for this, hugs Pops x x x x


    Sheryl Carman July 11, 2014 at 7:51 am

    Hi John, love the scan n cut posts, always very helpful and I’m learning loads. A question….is it possible to create a desktop shortcut to scan n cut canvas, and if yes, please could you do a tutorial to show us how. It would be really useful and I’m sure lots of other people would like it too. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

    Sheryl Carman




      Yes. It’s difficult to do one tutorial for all as operating systems differ quite considerably now. If using any version of windows except 8, this is the process I would think would work.

      1. Load up Canvas in your web browser then copy the text in the address bar.
      2. On your desktop Right Click and choose New > Shortcut.
      3. Paste the text into the box that comes up and click Ok.

      I have not used Windows 8 or an Apple MAC computer so couldn’t say what the process was for those.

      Alternately you could save this in your web browser’s favourites instead.

      Hope this helps.
      J :)


    Marilyn Westwood July 1, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    please can you help i have downloaded some svg files on cut and scan canvas from bird cards they have worked fine except for one thing that is my machine cuts the files out twice as if set on double cut. hope you know what i mean. many thanks marilyn.



      Are you 100% certain that it was the SVG that you converted and not a JPEG. I am aware that occasionally a few JPEG files can create double cut lines when converting, but not SVG files.



    First I wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful tutorials and ideas for both the S&C and your sewing projects, but I would like to comment on Laura’s post to say that I have the exact same problem, I have taken my machine back to the store and we have played with it over and over and I think that the fault is in the machine, we are led to believe that the machine will scan any dark shape and cut it out, but when I scan it will show all the items at first but when I hit the cut feature it tells me there is nothing to cut or will choose random cuts here and there, this is very frustrating because I was under the impression from the videos I have watched from the brother web site you are supposed to scan a piece of patterned card stock and then cut out the images, not so, I have been told to draw around my images with a black marker but that seems rather foolish when I already have a black image on the mat, besides the cut is not perfect if your drawn line is not perfect. So if you can help us both I would appreciate it.



    I’m having problems with my Brother Scan n Cut machine and wonder if you can help. It’s a rather long email but I wanted to explain what I’ve tried.

    If I have multiple images on a page (e.g stamps or a page from CD) will the machine scan and cut/draw around them all or can you only scan and cut 1 image/section of the page? If it can; could there be a problem with my machine- as it won’t scan multiple images on a page for me to cut them out together (without restarting the cut process for each image on the page which defies the object of it being quick).

    The trouble I’m having is with the scanning process; (the cut work fine) I’ve printed some designs off my computer- A4 size with wide spaces between so for example a page of 6 medallion type shapes. When I come to scan into direct cut, the preview shows it’s scanned the whole page but when it comes to the selection process the scan seems not to have recognised some of the shapes. The majority of these images have been black or dark colours on a white background. I’ve tried to change the background settings to see if this helps and it doesn’t. When I re-scan the page it will occasionally pick up more elements of the imagery. I could understand that there may be something about the images that it just can’t pick the detail up on but they’re clear and not fuzzy. I’ve printed out more of these pages (all exactly the same) and when I’ve come to scan them in; the machine has picked up other elements where it didn’t previously. I would assume if it recognises it can cut/draw around an image once; it should do so each time if it’s the same quality image. This has happened with every page like this I’ve tried; whether it’s sections of decoupage or printed elements off a CD- I have to continuously re-scan the page to see if the machine will pick up more detail. I think this defies the point “if you can see it; you can scan n cut it”. I understand it won’t pick up elements where there is a lot of detail together (e.g a red flower amongst blue flowers) so accept that you would have to trace over acetate to select and cut it out; but if that flower is placed by itself with nothing surrounding it (e.g individual layers of decoupage) on the page and is not too small to scan; then shouldn’t it recognise and cut it out? I hope you can help me this.

    Laura Dobson



    Thank you John for your kind generosity, I have only just purchased my scan & cut, so I do appreciate the tutorials. Not had much time to play as yet.
    Thanks again
    Edwina x :-)


    CROCKETT SANDRA June 29, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    John I bought a scan cut when they were first aired on C&C but I just can’t get my head round it. Not used it yet. Also I have mislaid my operations manual. Can I get one from somewhere. Please help.

    Sandra crockett


    Christine Simmonds June 29, 2014 at 10:45 am

    Fab project John, thank you for sharing x



    You are amazing, John, thank you so much for your brilliant ideas, generous sharing and always giving me a smile with your banter.
    Now I have a legitimate reason to buy a load of choccie bars. Perfect! Sustenance while I decide what papers to use….
    Annie xx



    Thank You so much John for the files. Can you tell me, I watched create and craft and Mel said you could use Tattered Lace dies with scan and cut. Do you scan the die or do you die cut and then scan. Hope this is not a silly question, but have some that I could use. Thanks in advance. Jill



    Thank you!! I’m thinking I might start with a ‘few’ chocolate bars…..I might have at least one when I’m done! Thanks for the warning and the files! You really are the best!



    Wow John, thanks for being so generous and sharing. Really appreciate it. Off to buy a stack of chocolate!!!!! It’s not for me honest



    Brilliant files John and thank you, but errrr giving away CHOCOLATE???? who made that up? Off with their heads lol
    Love and Light
    Sioux x



    Love the boxes John. I am sure I will make good use of these files. Thank. x



    Lovely little box John. Any possibility of a hexagon box with separate lid – to use as either gift box or making a bit deeper for putting munchies in on the Christmas/Birthday table.
    Thank you for all your projects….much appreciated.



    Is eating the chocolate a required factor in making this box,? PLEASE!!! Pretty Please! Fantastc cut file. Thank you John :-) x


    Susieann Titmuss June 28, 2014 at 8:14 am

    Brilliant as ever thank you x



    John, how and when do you find the time to work all this out for us?.
    Im stil trying to get round to the matchbox, do you think you could come up with a way of scanning and cutting you so we can all have you in our home oh think of the crafty things I could do then,lol. Thanks you john for giving us you designs to use, your talent is endless and.i cant wait to see whats next your astar x



    Love the papers you’ve used for making your boxes – I guess after working out all the measurements etc etc you deserved the chocolate! Thanks for the files xx


    Carole Morgan June 28, 2014 at 7:47 am

    Many thanks John. This will make the giving of a small gift of chocolate that much more special. Or even a raffle prize at my WI.
    Thanks again


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