Fabric Friday – Fat Quarter Fun – Part 1

June 13, 2014 — 29 Comments

What was meant to be a quiet week has turned into a doozy, and on top of that my head has been particularly random when it comes to making things.

That has meant that this week’s Fabric Friday will therefore be more like Part 1 of a 2 Part special as I didn’t get a single thing finished! :)

Firstly, you’ll remember that last week I did a giveaway to get your hands on two handmade handbags that I had shown how to make on this blog. Well, I am pleased to announce that Marie Keelan and Beba were the two lucky winners! Handbags will be out to you early next week (and once I have your addresses).

Ok, on with this week’s Fabric Friday. This two-part post will be featuring (inadvertently) several projects that I am creating from two sets of Fat Quarters that I picked up at the local market a couple of weeks back.

I showed you a picture of these beautiful fabrics last week, but for anyone that missed them, here they are again.

Fabric Friday - Fat Quarter Bundle

Well, I guess that I had better get on and let you know what I ended up starting to make.

To begin with, I went to the strip club. No, no, not what you think you naughty people. I meant fabric strips. I chose four of the fabrics and cut two inch strips from them and then stitched them together along their long edges. I then cut those into shorter strips across the four different fabrics. Here’s is where I got to with that.

Fabric Friday - Fat Quarter Fun - Part 1 - Fabric Strips

There are more strips, but I thought that this pic looked quite funky. With these strips I was intending to do a strip and flip technique but I started thinking of other ways of using them so decided to set them aside until I had a final plan.

What would you do with them?

The next part of the Fat Quarter Fun that I began was working with pie wedges. Creating the templates from scratch on freezer paper and then fusing this to fabric, cutting it and stitching it together, like this.

Fabric Friday - Fat Quarter Fun - Part 1 - Pie Wedge Cushion

This is going to be a pie wedge cushion but I’m going to have to work out the circumference and sort out a number of other things before it becomes that cushion, so that got put to one side. I really wasn’t fancying any math.

I then glanced across my craft room and saw my Sizzix Big Shot and square quilting die looking all forlorn. So, I’m sure that you can guess that I got a little distracted and started cutting lots of squares. This time I chose eight different pieces of the fat quarter fabrics.

Recently I have tried to get the hang of doing quarter square triangles so I called up a video on YouTube (think I shared it on Facebook this week also) and had a watch. It seemed logical and made sense so I had a go at doing it that way.

It seems to have worked so far as I now have 4 piles of neatly sewn quarter square triangle blocks ready to sew together – in some way. Here are the neat little piles.

Fabric Friday - Fat Quarter Fun - Part 1 - Quarter Square Triangles

Now, I’m sure that you can guess that I went on to make this into an amazingly elaborate completed quilt – well, no. Clearly this was not a day for getting anything finished.

Which way would you format these into a quilt? All facing the same way, or flipping them so that some darks run horizontal and some run vertical? Would you add sashing strips to frame each square or each group of four squares?

Yep, this is the kind of thing that has been going through my mind all day.

Anyway, I set them to one side as I had another idea (for a handbag this time) so I cut some more strips and started stitching them together – I even got as far as adding a header strips and the handles to the main body!

Fabric Friday - Fat Quarter Fun - Part 1 - Fabric Strip Handbag

But I didn’t get on to make the lining yet because I got distracted by this!

Fabric Friday - Fat Quarter Fun - Part 1 - Ice Cream

Lol! Whoopsie. At least it was one thing that I DID finish! *smiles with pride* Yaaaay!

Anyway, I’ve had a great day just stitching away but next week I promise that I will be showing how I put these projects together and NOT teasing you with delicious ice cream … maybe just a cake. *sniggers*

Thanks for the quick catch up, the coffee was delicious, you must tell me what brand it is so that I can get me some.

See you next week fellow sewists!

J :)



29 responses to Fabric Friday – Fat Quarter Fun – Part 1


    just love your mercurial flitting from one thing to another, great projects, I have lots of fat quarters and am absorbing all your shared knowledge x



    I love these FQ sets. My local craft shop stocks them so I usually have a range of colours in my stash! You’ve been a busy bee with all these half-projects haha!

    I look forward to seeing the results.


    Chrisi anderson June 14, 2014 at 7:58 am

    Me again :) you could always sew all the strips together and use like a jelly roll

    X chrisi


    Chrisi anderson June 14, 2014 at 7:55 am

    Hello john
    Long time no speak my fault I’m afraid been busy sewing
    With your strips how about making them into place mats for the summer bbq’s we are all hoping to have.
    And with your squares I would put strips around them in a contrast but better still make them slightly smaller than the square put smaller squares on the end or the strips match the size of the square. This will make your squares pop. (Hope this is clear enough to understand what I mean).

    Chrisi from not too sunny Darlington
    keeeeeeeeeeeeep crafting :)



    Once again you have decided the course of my weekend, you are so inspiring, keep up the good work. I’m so glad someone else has so much going on in their mind they just sew. Amazing John. Such talent. Look forward to the next instalment.



    Hi John,

    Fantastic projects. Love the bag in particular. I think if I keep following you I’ll eventually be able to start some of the bag projects that I have planned for later in the year.
    All the best!



    What a lot of inspiration – I love the bag and the cushion, well all of it really and look forward to seeing the finished items



    I have the exact same fabrics as you show John, but mine are still in the drawer waiting for a project…Hmmm no excuses now eh?.
    Thank you for all your inovative ideas.
    Happy Crafting & Sewing.



    I’ve enjoyed seeing the different projects you’ve started on with the same selection of fabrics. Looking forward to seeing them when they’re completed.



    Hi John, you did make me laugh! so many lovely ideas, great post, thank you for a good laugh on a sunny Friday afternoon!
    Enjoy your weekend


    Jackie Calvert June 13, 2014 at 3:37 pm

    Hi honey, I thought I was the only one who “fidgets” with fabric, sometimes inspiration strikes sometimes it doesn’t, but I just love sewing and have too many idea’s to stick to just one! Your bag is going to be lovely, I would love to see a “man bag” design one of these days, I always struggle for idea’s for my men. XX



    Fabulous post John, enjoyed reading about your distractions and play with fabric. You have definitely inspired me to make something today.

    Congrats to the two winners of your delicious bags:-) x



    Glad it isn’t just me who ‘runs’ with multiple thoughts at the same time! All these projects
    will be lovely to see finished next week John…



    Love these fabric Friday post John, you really are like all us crafters we love cutting up fabric sewing it back together then not sure what to make…..look forward to seeing what you do next week.



    Loving the colours of those fat quarters



    Well the icecream looks scrummy, and I’d love some of that. All your projects are coming along nicely, so keep up the good work.



    Ps. John the circumference of your pie cushion will be the diameter of the circle x 3 and a 1/7th. If you email me your diameter I can let you know what the circumference will be. X



    You certainly know how to brighten someone’s day! Looking forward to next week’s installment – including a finished article!!!


    Carole Morgan June 13, 2014 at 8:44 am

    Thanks yet again John for more inspiration. I have never bought get quarters as I tend to use what ever is in my stash (which is huge!) so I am amazed how many strips etc you get.




    Love the bag, what are you going to make with the rest? PS loved the last item rofl



    You obviously have too many ideas running through your head and are unable to concentrate on one!! lol I would flip the squares and put sashing on groups of four. Love the bag xx



    his bag is FAN-DABBY-DOSEY!!! I love it. I am inspired. Thank you for sharing :-)x



    John, WOW! I’m amazed that I’ve won one of your lovely creations. I can’ t believe it – I never win anything!- Still pinching myself! THANK YOU. How do I get my address to you please? :-) x


    Christine in Bulgaria. June 13, 2014 at 8:31 am

    Well John everything looks fabby so far. Can’t wait for next Friday to see the finished results. X



    You are tempting me to get my sewing machine out, I just love these posts of yours, very inspiring, and love the bags.x



    Wow, I would love to make a bag as good as that .. You are so talented :)


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