Monday Mash Up 1 - If Friends Were Flowers Card - (1)

Monday Mash Up 1 – If Friends Were Flowers …

This week I am trying to get another regular weekly blog post on the go. This one will be called the Monday Mash Up.

It’s the Monday Mash Up because it will involve taking all sorts of products and/or techniques and coupling them together to make a finished creation.

This week will feature a card but future weeks are likely to cover the range of creative past-times that I enjoy.

For this project I worked with a small range of electronic and manual dies to make my creation. Some people believe that you have to work exclusively with one or the other – my question is, why?

If it’s about the cash then believe me, I get it. If it’s about the style, then great, you like one style. If it’s about the quality then yes, stick with things that you know are quality.

For me, it’s about diversity and creativity – two words that don’t often come up in general conversation about cat videos on YouTube or talking to a sci-fi fan, but they are when I talk about crafts, which I could bore you with forever … oh, hang on, before I go waffling off, I’d better show you what I have created first hadn’t I?

Well, here it is *slides card across table for you to look at*

Monday Mash Up 1 - If Friends Were Flowers Card -  (2)

It’s a six inch square tent fold card with the sentiment “If Friends Were Flowers, I’d Pick You”. It’s a timeless sentiment and works everytime.

The construction was fairly straight forward to create so I haven’t done a step by step, but instead here is a quick overview together with what I used.

The two base layers that form the circular aperture and the text were designed in Serif Craft Artist and then cut using the Brother Scan N Cut.

If you would like these files, here they are ready sized for you to cut.

  • Base Layer – This was cut from a dark purple sheet of Die Cuts With A View cardstock.
  • Top Layer – This was cut from a light purple sheet of Die Cuts With A View cardstock.
  • Sentiment Layer – This was cut from a purple Create and Craft TV Vinyl Peel Off sheet.

(Don’t forget, you will need to RIGHT CLICK and “Save File As…” or “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…” on each of the links above and save the files directly to a USB stick and then take that stick and load the designs via “Pattern”, “Saved Data”, “USB” on your Scan N Cut Machine). MAC users, I think you left click, but I honestly haven’t a clue.

After mounting the Base and Top layer onto my card, I then used the peel off transfer method, as described in last weekend’s Scan It Saturday, to get it precisely positioned around the aperture.

The decoration in the middle of the card was done with physical dies.

Here are the ones that I used.

Monday Mash Up 1 - If Friends Were Flowers Card -  (8)

They were the Fringed Mums dies from Quilled Creations and the Mini Fanciful Flourish Right from Cheery Lynn Designs.

Not much else to this one. Bish, Bash, Bosh – job done.

I did plop some dimensional glue and a gem in the centre of the flowers and some gems on the corner because, well, because you’ve got to have a bit of bling, right?

Here is a quick group of pics taken at various angles so that you can get a good old all round gander.

Monday Mash Up 1 - If Friends Were Flowers Card - (1) Monday Mash Up 1 - If Friends Were Flowers Card - (2) Monday Mash Up 1 - If Friends Were Flowers Card -  (3) Monday Mash Up 1 - If Friends Were Flowers Card -  (6) Monday Mash Up 1 - If Friends Were Flowers Card -  (7) Monday Mash Up 1 - If Friends Were Flowers Card -  (5) Monday Mash Up 1 - If Friends Were Flowers Card -  (4)

Just a final thought, if friends really WERE flowers – would they give you hay-fever every time that they saw you? Better get the anti-allergy cream out…

Anyway, I hoped you liked the card :)

If you have any questions or comments, then there is a place at the bottom of this page for you to do so.

Hope to see you again soon – and hope that I can keep up with the Mash Up Monday weekly post.

Thanks for reading.

J :)


38 thoughts on “Monday Mash Up 1 – If Friends Were Flowers …

  1. Lovely card John. I´ve just started quilling and spent my weekend making a box full of these pretty flowers. Also bought a Quilling comb at the weekend and about to have a play with it.
    Take care.
    Love Val in Spain x


  2. What a lovely card, easy on the eye, and easy on the anxiety of getting it right for someone special. Thanks John, your creation could be sent to male or female. Love and Light Sioux x


  3. Hi can you help me? I have put sub into scanncut machine pressed sub picture then it comes up on screen content. What do I have to do next cause when I touch the content icon it just goes up into the top left hand corner.


  4. Brilliant as always John :) As I only own a SnC could I do a fringe on that, presumably curl it round & round itself to get that effect? Having brought the SNC for fabric I have made my first ever card today! Not brilliant but a first! And… I might be hooked on a new craft – omg, OH will kill me!


      • You are a star John. Finally used the SnC last night when all the family left. Used some built in designs and glued to a plain card (flowers, stalks & leaves, trowel & fork and grass. It is brilliant – SnC that is, not my card! I need different glue – it got very messy… I couldn’t work out a pop-up card either which is what I really wanted to do (SiL birthday Friday)…


  5. Hi John, loving this mash up monday and scan it saturday…..fabulous and thanks for your generosity in sharing with us all. Quite a few of us on one of the FB snc groups are all having the same problem with the canvas. If your browser is Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc you just get a message that these browsers are not supported. The only way I got round it was to download Google Chrome which is supported….it’s a pain, but I’ve recommended the others do the same to get access. Can’t for the life of me think why there is this problem and I said I would ask if you knew? Thanks John. :-)


    • It’s compatible with quite a few browsers but they have to be up to date. The ‘error’ page should tell you which versions are compatible.


      • Thanks John……perhaps it is the browsers not being up to date although I know my MF was the latest version but it wasn’t compatible. I’ll tell everyone to make sure they have the latest versions and see if that helps:-)


  6. lovely card John, that’s two of your blogging projects to follow now, Friday ??? and Monday mashers. Thank you so much x


  7. This is a beautiful simple card, thank you John. I wish I could share my ideas with you as a way of saying thank you, but I don’t know how.
    Somehow I signed up to WordPress to post this comment. Now I need to work out how to add pictures to share. How I will do this when I want to spend all my time crafting, I don’t know. Thanks again for your inspiration.


  8. It’ll be nice to see a regular change John, I come every day, but got fed up with constant Brother posts, as I don’t have one and can’t afford one. Pretty card today, the flowers really make it.


  9. Thanks John once again for sharing your work. As you say a simple card but very pretty! will definitely make this one.


  10. RE: qoute “For this project I worked with a small range of electronic and manual dies to make my creation. Some people believe that you have to work exclusively with one or the other – my question is, why?”

    I always say why, and who made that rule, anytime someone says that about anything, it always stumps the person saying it, haha! I like being accused of being a free spirit, bring back flower power LOL, I was only nine first time round. Love the flowers John look like my calendula (pot marigold) blooming away in the garden now. If my friends were flowers I’d ask them to open up more and spread the love………he he.


  11. This is fabulous John, I am still trying to figure out how to combine Serif and the Brother. Thank you so much for sharing the files, have a fab day x


  12. Great but where do we buy the Vinyl and the sheet you mention. Could not find them on create and craft.


  13. John. Thank you for the files and all the inspiration. I am trying to learn how to use the scan and cut and serif but if I had to wait until I could do something I would give up so really greatful for the your support which means I can create things a long the way.


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