Mothers Day Paper Cutting Project 5

Mothers Day Paper Cutting Project

This year I wanted to make something a little special for Mother’s Day to show my mum that I loved her when I stumbled across a picture on Facebook from Paper Panda.

The picture showed the results of one of the template kits that Paper Panda sells and was of an intricate heart shaped branch and leaf design with the word Mum featured in the middle.

The template kit that I purchased from the Paper Panda online store arrived just as I was heading off to Scotland for a few days so as you can imagine, when I got back, I got stuck in!

Paper Panda did recommend certain blade types however I must admit that I ignored that advice (but having got myself some of these blades after I had finished this project, I really should have listed, lol).

Anyway, the concept was simple. The design was printed on the back of the sheet – just follow the lines. Here is a photo of my progression through the design.

Mothers Day Paper Cutting Project 4

This design did take me several days, working on it intermittently, to complete – but it was worth it!

Mothers Day Paper Cutting Project 5

I then realised that I was going to need to frame this, and that it might need a patterned background to sit on so I hunted the paper stash and settled on a very simple background of white outline flowers on a beige-ish solid colour.

Mothers Day Paper Cutting Project 6

The frame was a little harder to find (strangely).

I wanted a box frame with a nice frame mat in it but couldn’t find one at the right size in the local shops until I was browsing hobbycrafts with a friend and I turned the corner and there was “the one” (no coral music, but you know the feeling).

This was all starting to come together…

Mothers Day Paper Cutting Project 7

I was a little nervous in case I broke a piece of the design as I framed it.

Anyway, I put my brave pants on and set to. I popped of the back of the frame, stuck down some cream 12″ square cardstock and then the patterened paper.

My original plan was to have the paper cut design floating however I realised that it was to “flimsy” after being cut to do this with the materials that I had available so I mounted the design straight onto the backing paper, let it dry and then popped it all back in the frame – et voila!

Mothers Day Paper Cutting Project 1Mothers Day Paper Cutting Project 2Mothers Day Paper Cutting Project 3

I was so very happy with the finished result and she was so very happy with the gift! :))

What do you think? Have you had a go at this style of paper cutting? Is it something that you would do for a special person in your life?

I think that I need to make something similar for myself now … hmmm, what design should I have … ?

Thank you again for reading. It was good to see you again.

See you again soon.

J :)

41 thoughts on “Mothers Day Paper Cutting Project

  1. Hi John. Can you please tell me Why now when I Scan a Pattern and save it to either My Brother ScanNCut Machine or to the Usb Stick. When I try to Cut the Pattern the ScanNCut tells me to change to a 12 x 24 ” Mat. Everything has been OK until to-day. So can you please tell me what is wrong with me or my Brother ScanNCut. REgards Edna


  2. Hi, yes I have had a couple of kits from them and have just cut the Twinkle twinkle little star! What sort of paper did you use John it looks textured and by the way it’s stunning! Margaret x


  3. John, I have just recently purchased ScanNcut from C&Craft. Very pleased with it BUT I just cannot download SVG files to be able to use on it. Please can you give me the rundown on how this is done. I just cannot get them on to Brother Canvas at all.


  4. This is so beautiful John and your mum must be enjoying it now BUT did you put it through your Scan and Cut machine before you mounted and framed it??


  5. Definitely a labour of love – die cuts are so popular nowadays, I don’t think I could sit and cut our something so intricate, but well done to you, and I hope Mum was suitably impressed.


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