Monday Mojo – Magazine Inspiration – RSVP Card

Ever have those mojo lows? I know I’ve had a couple over the last few weeks, and having talked to some of you on Facebook and Twitter, it appears that you often have the same problem. I therefore thought that I would start a little mini-series of mojo busting techniques that I sometimes use in the hope that it will help you too :)

Now, I don’t know whether it is my age, or just the need for something tangible in my hand however I have been reaching more for magazines lately than I have the internet. Are you the same? (Seems a bit weird asking that as you are reading this on the internet…)

Anyway, I recently wanted to do a bit of stamping but really didn’t know where to start (that mojo was M.I.A) so I started flipping through my stash of magazines when I came across some great designs from Stephanie De Geus (cool name huh?) in Issue 14 of Creative Stamping magazine…

The best thing about the article was that Stephanie had used the stamps that also came free with the magazine so I decided that I would use the stamps but try and put my own little twist on the ideas that I found in the magazine.

By the way, this is Issue 14. You can see some of the free stamp designs on the cover – they were a cool eclectic bunch of things – which was a help in itself.

Monday Mojo - Magazine Inspirations - Invitation Cards - Creative Stamping Issue 14

Anyway, I started playing around with layouts using the knife, fork and spoon stamps from the set with black ink and white paper – and finally settled on this design.

Monday Mojo - Magazine Inspirations - Invitation Cards - Stamping The Design

The pencil drawn circle that I had marked on the design was so that I had a guide against which to cut the design. In the end I just used my Brother Scan N Cut to cut the design out with a simple circle shape so didn’t really need it.

For my next move I thought that I would also try and use the stamp in conjunction with my old fave the Inkadinkado Stamping Gear and just went with a simple repeat pattern, keeping the black and white style to the design.

Monday Mojo - Magazine Inspirations - Invitation Cards - Using Inkadinkado Stamping Gear To Create The Background

The next step was fairly obvious and just involved a bit of matting and layering. I used the Brother Scan N Cut to make the layer for the circle and my Perfect Layers rulers for the square border but of course, if you have them, you could also use dies.

Monday Mojo - Magazine Inspirations - Invitation Cards - Layering The Design Together

I should also mention at this point that the RSVP letting was cut using the Brother Scan N Cut, but it could equally have been a peel off, die cut or printed version.

As I’ve mentioned in a few posts recently I am hopelessly addicted to adding little gems to my cards – don’t know why, I just do. This was no exception and you can see how I included them in the design below.

Monday Mojo - Magazine Inspirations - Invitation Cards - Adding The Gemstones

That was about it. I didn’t really go on to add anything more as I liked the simplicity of the design. Here is the finished result.

Monday Mojo - Magazine Inspirations - Invitation Cards - Finished Project 2

And a little closer …

Monday Mojo - Magazine Inspirations - Invitation Cards - Finished Project 2 (Close Up)

I always give my designs a little critique or review after have made them and I think that when (not if) I do this again I would actually try and use the offset technique with the stamping gear in order to create a “spiral” style to the knives and forks. Look out for that on Facebook and Twitter in the future.

I did also go on to make a very simple second card which I also thought that I would share with you. This time I just stamped out multiple copies of the knives, forks and spoons and used the Brother Scan N Cut to cut them out with a circular frame and also to create the black layers.

I then tiled them together and added a few faux pearls.

Here is that card.

Monday Mojo - Magazine Inspirations - Invitation Cards - Finished Project 1

And a little closer …

Monday Mojo - Magazine Inspirations - Invitation Cards - Finished Project 1 (Close Up)Result! Cards made, mojo kicked in – now if only I had the time to play some more – come on lottery, surely it’s my turn soon?!

Right, so that’s it for this post. If you have the unfortunate circumstance to end up with a lack of mojo in the future, I hope that the magazine mojo motivation method will help!

As ever, if you have any questions, comments or ideas about this project that you would like to share, please feel free to use the comments section at the bottom of this post.

Thank you for reading.

See you again very soon.

John :)

37 thoughts on “Monday Mojo – Magazine Inspiration – RSVP Card

  1. hi john i own the scan n cut and to be honest im not impressed my question is why when i cut something the first cut is nigh on perfect but when i cut the same design again straight after it bunches up the paper in places i don’t change anything except a new sheet of paper of course


    • So, just to clarify – any new design that you cut is fine on the first cut but repeats of the same design are not, but then when you again do a new design it’s fine?


  2. Love watching you on C&C John, but haven’t had the pleasure of visiting your site before – it’s something that I mean to do each and everytime I pick the laptop up – then get sidetracked – which incidentally is because my mojo has gone into hibernation!!!

    Loved what you did with the stamp – I first thought the 3 stamps were as one, but so glad they weren’t. I actually prefer the second of your two cards, but it would be good to see how many versions you could come up with using this set.

    So glad I finally got here – will be visiting much more.

    Paula x x x


  3. Hi John,
    This is my first visit to your site. Have waatched yo on C&C ad your cards and demo’s are fantstic. I am still sitting on the fence re the scan and cut. Have had other cutting machines and have not got on with them. Both had to be linked to the PC. Something which I am not good with.So do not want to waste more money as have wasted far to much in the past.


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