Portfolio Archive - Still Life - Shirt On Chair Close Up

Portfolio Archive – Drawing and Sketching – Still Life

When sitting at my desk thinking of ideas for blog posts I often catch a glimpse of my college portfolio sitting quietly in the corner and it hit me recently, why don’t I share this with you?!

This first collection is some of my first ‘official’ attempts at sketching and drawing, in particular those that would be grouped under “still life”.

If you click on an image it will bring up a scrollable gallery with descriptions against each image.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that short trip through some of my old drawings.

Next time I hope to share some of the life drawing images that I have sketched in the past.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave any questions or comments in the box below. (please be kind).

See you soon.

John :)

9 thoughts on “Portfolio Archive – Drawing and Sketching – Still Life

  1. Have you thought about putting forward an art piece to the show in London by the art association there?


      • That’s a shame you do wonderful artwork. I’m sure there’d be room and a huge audience for a exhibition of all your work. Much better than a lot of the modern ‘art’ such as that unmade bed rubbish.


  2. Hi John what brilliant art work you are so very talented. I love the light and shade of the brass objects, the shirt is simply stunning it truly looks as if you can reach in and pick it up -amazing.

    Best wishes from Katie-Louise


  3. WOW these are amazing John. How come you haven’t got your own stamp range yet, your fine art skills are brilliant.

    Have you found the SAA?


  4. Really brilliant! I can do most crafts but I’ve always been rubbish at art. Can’t wait to see more so glad Leonie tweeted.


  5. Shirt on chair is, to my eye, very good but not being an artist I don’t think I am qualified to comment on anything else!!


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