Inkadinkadoodler or Inkadinkadesigner?

I recently took you from layout to finished card using the Inkadinkado Stamping Gear system. As I looked over the process, and thinking ahead to the next series of shows on Create and Craft TV, I thought to myself – am I an Inkadinkadoodler or an Inkadinkadesigner?!

I guess that I should define what the difference is.  The dictionary gives a variety of definitions for both terms, but here is a succinct summary –

Doodler – to play or improvise idly.

Designer – a person who devises and executes designs, as for works of art etc.

Ok, lets look at the evidence.

First, a messy workstation with stacks of experiments and the Inkadinkado Stamping Gear system and stamps littering the worktop having been picked up, used and put down again multiple times.

Inkadinkadoodler or Inkadinkadesigner - Messy Desk
Inkadinkadoodler or Inkadinkadesigner – Messy Desk

It either looks like an industrial accident in a craft warehouse or totally normal, depending on your point of view.  So let’s continue.

But what kinds of things were being created?  Was this idle play or was I designing?  Maybe I need some more evidence?

Here is a test layout that I tried on plain copy paper with inks that just didn’t work together.

Inkadinkado Stamping Gear - Rectangular Design
Inkadinkado Stamping Gear – Rectangular Design

So far I think that I have ticked all of the boxes for becoming an official Inkadinkadoodler, although, having thought about where to place the images and creating a shaped frame, perhaps this is edging more towards the title of Inkadinkadesigner?

Hopefully these next pictures will move me from one to the other? The first is one of those experimental layouts that I have talked about previously.

Inkadinkado With Love Card - Layout Idea
Inkadinkado With Love Card – Layout Idea

Ok, well, I clearly chose where to put the design, and centred the sentiment and topper in the middle of the design – but what about the finished card that this was to become?

Inkadinkado With Love Card - Finished Card
Inkadinkado With Love Card – Finished Card

Thought was given to layout (thanks to the doodle), colours, cardstock texture, embellishments and sentiment – or at least in my opinion it did.

This makes me a designer right?  After-all, I made a series of conscious choices when putting it all together.

Well, I have enjoyed the whole journey and would probably travel the entire road again as I think that it is all important.

In conclusion therefore, and possibly by luck more than plan, I and anyone else creating projects with the Inkadinkado Stamping Gear system will inevitably tick all of the boxes for being both an Inkadinkadoodler and an Inkadinkadesigner.

I hope I’ve made my case well and that you are having fun using yours, both doodling and designing :)

Many thanks for reading.

John :)

7 thoughts on “Inkadinkadoodler or Inkadinkadesigner?

  1. Hi John
    Love this work you are definitely a designer! You put your ideas down in a sketch first which is more than I do! Don’t worry about your work station – my lounge looks like an explosion in a craft warehouse while I’m crafting I have to put everything away at the end of my crafting session but it still looks a mess as I have crafting stuff all around the room piled up as I haven’t enough room despite having quite a big flats lounge. It definitely looked huge before I moved all my furniture and craft stuff into it. I hope I never have to move as I’d have to get rid of some of my furniture ( not my craft stuff) I’m hoping some rich random person will pick me out of the phone book to leave lots of money to so I can buy an enormous house to put it all in! I can dream…
    Great work once again John.


  2. Hi John. Don’t know why some of my posts disappear but this is what I wrote yesterday:-
    Hi John. Not sure where I fit in here, although I do know I am not creative. What I have noticed over the years is that creative people don’t bother whether their work desk is tidy or not. I get frustrated cos I have to tidy and clear mine at the end of a session, but that does mean taking up valuable craft time finding and getting stuff out and putting it away again. What I do know is that I really enjoy crafting, I buy far too much, which also gives me pleasure and there is always something I can do which makes me happy on a rainy day. SueL


    • Some very poignant notes in your comments there Susan. Craft definitely brings happiness to a lot of people for a variety of reasons.


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