Handmade Mobile Phone Case

Sewing Mobile Phone Covers

I’m always on the look out for things to sew so a while ago I set about learning to create a mobile phone case. Here is a quick overview of the process and a few examples of what I came up with.

For the main part, putting these little things together is fairly easy. I would say that even a beginner could tackle it with a little patience. There are no complex seams, very few components and you can make it from pretty much any medium weight fabric.

I read a variety of tutorials online before trying it out for myself. They had all had different ways of starting and finished so ultimately I cobbled together a bunch of these and added some of my own know-how.

The basic principles for a mobile phone slip cover (i.e. without an open end and no fastening) are simple.

  1. Cut two long strips of fabric.
  2. Cut one long strip of compressed fleece (or similar wadding).
  3. Place the fabric strips together (with right sides facing) and then lay the compressed fleece on top.
  4. Stitch along the two short ends and then turn right rides out.
  5. Fold this long strip in half and then sew up the two long side edges (securing the stitches at the top edge).
  6. Trim the side seams and turn out.

And it’s finished!

The benefits of doing it this way meant that the upper edges come out neat and tidy, which I preferred.

I did then experiment with different closures. To add these I had to make some adaptations and add the elastic in step 4 and then sew the button on by hand after I’d finish the cover.

It is definitely worth adding a closure if you can manage it though as it keeps your phone from slipping out of the case. If you do choose to use elastic and a button as a closure, try and get thin flat elastic. This is easier to sew in place than elastic that has a round diameter.

One tip for you is that if you try and match the thread to the fabric, it’ll help hide the workings that might otherwise be visible on such a small project.

I will be aiming to create a template and some instructions for this soon but in the meantime, here are some pictures of those that I have made.

Anyway, I’ve put a gallery below of some of the mobile phone case tests that I created together with an image to show some of the colour combos that I tried out.

As ever, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in contact via the comments box at the end of this post.

Thanks for reading.

John :)

Handmade Mobile Phone Case - Colour Choices
Handmade Mobile Phone Case – Colour Choices
Handmade Mobile Phone Case
Handmade Mobile Phone Case
Handmade Mobile Phone Case 2
Handmade Mobile Phone Case 2
Handmade Mobile Phone Case 3
Handmade Mobile Phone Case 3
Handmade Mobile Phone Case 4
Handmade Mobile Phone Case 4

8 thoughts on “Sewing Mobile Phone Covers

  1. Just to say that I have arthritic hands and could not manage to undue a button in time so would have to use velcro or a popper.


  2. Hi John
    I love your range of phone covers/cases they are great love the colours you have put together you have a great eye for colour schemes, the materials are beautiful. I think you should start selling these I think you’d get lots of customers on an order waiting list for them.


  3. Must agree with the two previous comments. I’ve received my Oekaki machine this week and plan to start with a pincushion for my first project but this one will follow closely behind. Thank you John – love reading about your projects and learning along the way.


  4. Morning Mr. B….. Love these. especially the ones with the elastic closures. I will be giving these a go after my exams. Will keep a look out for your templates. Lush materials by the way.
    Sandra x


  5. I love these, and they may well be in the bounds of my limited sewing capabilities. I’m already thinking that a Christmas cover would be fun. Your breadth of talent is amazing – thanks for sharing.


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