Zombie Greeting Card

April 20, 2013 — 2 Comments

It’s not something that everyone would have thought of making however when a couple of friends were recently successful in getting funding in order to launch a Zombie themed venture I felt it only right that I sent them something to say congratulations!

Making a zombie card wasn’t the easiest challenge as there are many styles of zombie from the downright gory to the soft and fluffy, and the guys that I was sending this to were really into this genre, so I did a trawl of the internet for digi stamps and I came across just the right mix in the Zombie Blobby design from Pink Cat Studio.

After buying, downloading and printing the design I set to work colouring the little fella in with my Spectrum Noir alcohol markers. If you are interested, and want to try this yourself, the colours that I used were:

  • For the Skin – Ice Blue 1 and 2.
  • For the Eyes – Light Green 1, 2 and 3.
  • For the Trousers – Hydrangea Blue 3, True Blue 3, 8 and 9.
  • For the Belt and Mouth – Green Grey 2, 4 and 5.
  • For the Blood – Coral 8, Dark Red 1, 6 and 7.
  • For the Bone –Brown Grey 1 and 2

To be honest, where I have used four colours it did seem a little excessive for such a small area but I found that this helped the colours blend well and give a little more dimension to the finished look.

As I was colouring I began thinking about the rest of the design but I couldn’t quite see how it was all going to work so after I had finished colouring the design I opened up Serif Craft Artist on my computer and mocked up a basic layout.

When I had that sorted I thought that Zombies wouldn’t SAY congratulations, they would utter an uneaerthly moan – so that’s what I created! The ‘argh’ had to be just right though, it couldn’t be in a swirly girly font now could it? I ran through the fonts on my PC and found one called ‘Weathered’. It had a nice outline and I felt that it would look good coloured in a gradient of red – slightly gory to add to the overall look!

I added this to the layout that I had just created. By adding this in Serif Craft Artist I not only had the lettering ready to print and colour, I was also able to make sure that the letters fitted in the design – result!

Zombie Card - Colouring Progress and Layout Idea

Zombie Card – Colouring Progress and Layout Idea

Zombie Card - Colouring in the lettering

Zombie Card – Colouring in the lettering

After colouring in the letters, and then carefully cutting them all out, I was almost ready to put it all together but I needed the cardstock to create the layers on the card.

I flicked through my collection and chose some cardstock based on the colours that I had used on my little Zombie when colouring him. When I looked at them though they seemed a little ‘joyous’ (you know, the kind of colours that make you smile) and I felt that they needed something to tone them down and tie them in with the Zombie theme so I added some red finger print smudges around the edges and then splattered the top layer, all with two shades of red watercolour paint – it could have ended up looking like a really low budget version of Crime Scene Investigation, but I was happy with the result :)

Zombie Greeting Card - Splatter Close Up

Zombie Greeting Card – Splatter Close Up

I used the collall all purpose glue from Crafters Companion to assemble the layers as it allowed me a little room for movement which was needed as I had quite fine borders around each layer and I wanted them to be just right – there’s nothing worse to a guy like me than wonky layers!

Almost finished now, but the Zombie Blobby looked a little one dimensional so I reached for the Glossy Accents and added some to the to the eyes and drool – perfecto!

Zombie Greeting Card - Glossy Accent on the Eyes and Drool

Zombie Greeting Card – Glossy Accent on the Eyes and Drool

So, having put it all together I stood back to admire the little critter – here is the card in all of it’s gory, sorry, I mean glory (pardon the pun!).

Zombie Greeting Card

Zombie Greeting Card

I now had that age old dilemma – give this handmade card in a plain white envelope or make a special envelope to put it in. Yes, you guessed it, I made the envelope, or rather an envelobox to be precise.

I used some of the red splattered cardstock to carry the design through. This time however I did use a stamped sentiment but to prevent it from looking to out of place I added a couple of red fingerprints to the corners – it’s almost as if a Zombie was making this card!

Zombie Greeting Card Envelope Box

Zombie Greeting Card Envelope Box

One final touch that sprang to my mind was to have a little ‘seal’ on the back of the envelope. Having printed a couple of spares of the Zombie (in case I mucked up the colouring) I quickly coloured a little of the face, die cut it and put it in a small circular frame – I hope you’ll agree that it was a cool finishing touch :)

Zombie Greeting Card Envelope Box Detail

Zombie Greeting Card Envelope Box Detail

Anyway, like I said, Zombies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea however I like to celebrate the successes of my friends and family so when this opportunity came up, I jumped at it with glee. It certainly gave me the chance to try something different and to really think about the overall design – afterall, it’s not everyday that you get to make a Zombie themed card and I am pretty proud of the result :)

What do you think? Is this something that you would have had a go at?

Well, I’d better stop waffling now but just want to remind you that, as ever, if you’ve got any questions or comments regarding this post please feel free to pop them in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

Thank you for reading this post and I look forward to bringing you more soon.

John :)

Oh! PS, if you’d like to check out what the guys are doing you can find them on twitter – @immuniscomic and their online story EPIC is still in development but it will eventually be here – http://www.immuniscomic.com

2 responses to Zombie Greeting Card


    What a great Idea the paint is a great effect and now the zombies have your finger print .Melanie



    Brilliant, I love your attention to detail with the fingerprints on the sentiment, great touch


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