Tiny Treasures from Vikki Young

Tiny Treasures – Out Of The Blue

There are not many nicer things in life than getting a gift out of the blue.  Imagine my delight then when a little book of treasures turned up in the Create and Craft offices with my name on it!

The box that it came in did not give any clues as to the content, so I opened it with a general level of non-interest, but then as I began unwrapping the little delights that were inside I was a little overwhelmed.  There was a handmade box, some tags and a mini book.

The mini book really caught my eye, there was so much going on in such a small space that I was amazed.

Tiny Treasures from Vikki Young
Tiny Treasures from Vikki Young
Tiny Treasures Book - Detail
Tiny Treasures Book – Detail
Tiny Treasures Book - Back
Tiny Treasures Book – Back

So much work in such a cute little creation!

I looked through the box to find who it had come from and found out that it was from a lady called Vikki Young that I had gotten to know on Twitter.

Vikki and I began talking on Twitter as a result of a picture she shared of a Fairy in a Jar that she had made and posted on her blog.  Here is that Fairy in a Jar – clicking the image should take you to the post on Vikki’s blog (if I’ve done this right of course – if not, here is a link to Vikki’s blog – http://www.kelsieskrafts.blogspot.co.uk/ )

Fairy in a Jar (image courtesy of Vikki Young)
Fairy in a Jar (image courtesy of Vikki Young)

I’m sure that you will agree that it is quite an impressive creation!

I remain grateful for this little surprise and it sits in my craft room as a reminder that handmade is truly heartfelt.

Anyway, this was just a quickie to share that little story with you and I hope that you will pay a visit to Vikki’s blog soon and perhaps share more of your creations for all to see.

Happy Crafting!

J :)

4 thoughts on “Tiny Treasures – Out Of The Blue

  1. What a wonderful creation this is. Vikki is very clever and arty. Thanks for the link to the blog I will check this out.


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