A Gremlin In The Works

Ever have a project turn out totally different to how you intended? Well that’s exactly what happened to me – there was definitely a gremlin in the works.

So I wake, full of the joys of spring, and after the morning routine is done I confidently post on Twitter that it felt like a day for sewing. It did, I had the “urge” (no, not that kind!).

I dutifully headed into the craft room and began digging through the fabric box and selecting a few leftovers because I had in my head that I was going to make a cute patchwork kitten toy.

I should have spotted the signs early on when the sewing machine got all deviant on me during the construction of the patchwork strip that was going to be in the centre of the kitty. I managed to sort the hiccups and move on.

Next up, the iron decided to be too hot and buckled the black fabric. Not so bad, I thought. Probably not even noticeable when it’s all put together.

Back on the sewing machine and the decorative stitch that I chose to make the teeth ended up looking quite menacing. Ok, well, kitty teeth are quite sharp aren’t they?

Next, I thought I’d get clever and use my recent fabric die cutting skills to make the eyes however when I came to choose the fabric for them I tried to colour match the eyes to the fabric, and also what I had available; I ended up with red and white. Ah. Oh well, in for a penny …

Die cutting done I tried to do some free hand embroidery on the sewing machine to create the pupils. The felt did not like my embroidery foot and kept jumping in a zig zag instead of a smooth line. Crazy eye pupils …

Now was the point when I think I realised I hadn’t created a soft fluffy kitten … but I think I’ll still love it.

Afterall, surely beneath that scratchy hissy exterior there is a soft ball of loveliness waiting to be hugged, right?

2 thoughts on “A Gremlin In The Works

  1. hello John. This is brill and whilst NOT what you started out to do, it is never the less an amazing piece..i think its called evolving..happens with EVERY paper project I start, I don’t fight it now. Nice blog.and always enjoy your appearances in front of the camera on C/C..cheers,peter.


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