In The Beginning

January 27, 2013 — 18 Comments

The first post is always the most difficult to write on any blog. After all, you are introducing yourself to people that you haven’t met yet …

Anyway, as we’ve only just met I’d better give a little bow, raise my hat and wish you a warm welcome to my little area on the ever growing world wide web. My name is John Bloodworth and I am a craft enthusiast and am lucky enough to be working at Create and Craft TV in the UK.

I have been dabbling in all sorts of creative past-times for over 30 years and have a genuine love of all things crafty especially the creative journey of learning and developing new skills – any excuse to throw paint and glitter around eh?!

Through my work I have been lucky enough to work with some incredible brands and even more incredible people. I hope to introduce you to as many as possible on this blog.

We might not have met yet, but I feel like we are friends already so as I write, and as things develop, I hope that you will share your thoughts on what I blog about – it’s always important to me to hear about you, this isn’t a one way friendship.

Until the next time … *waves*

18 responses to In The Beginning


    Just found you on here, after watching you a few times on C&C. Love the demo’s you do always well explained and easy to follow x


    billiescraftroom February 24, 2013 at 1:03 pm

    Welcome to blog land. Good choice of host, isn’t WordPress brill!

    Hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to hearing more from you on here.

    Happy Blogging

    Billie :)



    Looking forward to following your blog John. You are a clever sewist.
    Lisa :)



    Hi John. Another one here looking forward to reading your blogs. Always watch your demos on C & C. You are so calm and explain things so clearly. Whats happened to Cricut recently, are you allowed to say? Sue



    Welcome to Blogland John, love it when you are on C and C because you always explain things so well. Look forward to many more blogs from you, and I am following x



    Nice introduction, look forward to sharing much craftiness with you :)



    Hi John, like the others I am looking forward to following your creations and your blogging journey. Enjoy the ride, it is sure to open the door to many new friendships for you along the way I am sure. xx



    So happy to be with you on your first post. Looking forward to the ride with the Gentleman Crafter ;)
    Ciao for now!
    Sandra xx



    Welcome to blogland, looking forward to seeing more. Chris x



    Hopefully it will be a long and fruitful friendship! Don’t forget am here to help where I can! I am also available for birthdays weddings and barmitzvahs!



    Well hello there and welcome to the world of blogging, I love my blog and I am sure you will come to love yours too. I look forward to seeing all your crafting.



    As Aisling says,looking forward to following you,and all your expertise xx



    Looking forward to following John :o)


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