Black Friday and Cyber Monday – All Scan N Cut Courses On Sale

It is that time of year again where deals are a plenty in the online world, and my little corner of the web is no exception as I have knocked the one-time enrolment fees for all three of the Scan N Cut online learning courses down to their lowest possible price so it’s a great time to get creatively confident and finally start using that Scan N Cut to it’s full potential.

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Scan N Cut Online Course – On Sale Now

Hi all. I may have been a bit AWOL of late but it’s not because I’m ignoring you. In actual fact I have been working on a range of exciting projects and collaborations.

One exciting thing is that I am back in the ‘studio’ filming new content for the online video course for the Brother Scan N Cut that I created back in 2018. This is due to be released later this month and will include some cool new content.

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