How To Install A Font and Other Useful Windows 10 Stuff…

A little archive of helpful videos for handling technical bits and bobs in Windows 10. I have turned the comments off on this page so if you do have a question about the content of any of these videos, please can you pop them in the comments section on YouTube instead, many thanks!

How to Unzip a Zipped Folder

Literally the one everyone asks about …

How to Zip a Folder

Having shown you how to unzip a folder, you might be interested in knowing how to zip a folder to save some space on your computer. If so, here is how …

How to Search for Files or Folders

Did you lose something? Did you save it in a safe place and forget where you put it? Here is a couple of quick video on how to use the file explorer to locate your missing content.

How to Install a Font

Been downloading fonts galore because they look “pretty” but have no idea on how to install them on your computer? If so, this one is for you…

How to Rename a File or Folder

Downloaded some stuff and the folder or file names are a bit “off”? Well, did you know that you can rename them? You can!

Here is how to rename a file.

Here is how to rename a folder.