Custom SVG Cutting File Creation Service

Custom Cutting File Creation

Got an idea for an SVG cutting file but don’t have any experience in creating them? Then you might be interested in a service that I am offering via Fiverr.

In short, I will take your hand drawn/sketched idea and convert it into a professional quality SVG cutting file.

How It Works


You can book this “gig” via my service page on Fiverr.

There are three options to choose from when requesting a cutting file.

Single SVG created from your design/brief.Single SVG created from your design/brief.Single SVG created from your design/brief.
Includes 1 revision.Includes up to 3 revisions.Includes up to 5 revisions.
Delivery within 10 days.Delivery within 7 days.Delivery within 5 days.

The Process

Once we have agreed on the “gig” design, I will begin work. A preview of the SVG will then be sent for approval within the time-frame shown at which point you can make any revisions needed. After the permitted number of revisions or upon approval, the “gig” will be considered complete and the final SVG file will be delivered.

Important Notes

  • Delivery times relate to the first draft. Revisions may increase delivery time of the final SVG file.
  • All prices on the Fiverr website will be shown in local currency. Taxes and other charges may be added by Fiverr or your payment provider.
  • Any gig requests containing any form of copyrighted content such as Logos, Movie, Book or TV characters will be declined.

Book Today

If this is something that would interest you, please do pop over to Fiverr for more details.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me via the messaging system on Fiverr.