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Designing Stitchable Card Fronts In Canvas Workspace GC

Creating Stitchable Card Fronts in Canvas Workspace

In this tutorial I will share with you how I created stitchable card fronts using Canvas Workspace and the piercing kit, available for DX models of the Scan N Cut.

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A Little Idea – Creating and Drawing Hand Embroidery Designs with Canvas Workspace

Hallo you. Hope all is well.

I’ve been having a little play with the Scan N Cut as a result of a few questions that have popped up recently about using fabric pens.

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2020 Scan N Cut Udemy Landing Page Image

Spread The Word and Make Some Money – Easy!

This week I have put in place a way to send a little thank you for spreading the word about my Scan N Cut course on Udemy. A simple way for you to make some pocket money for sending folk on over.

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How To Create Half Cut Text Topped Cards In Canvas Workspace

Scan N Cut Saturday Video Tutorial – Creating A Half-Cut Text Topped Greetings Card In Canvas Workspace

Having previously shown you how to create a half-cut card with basic shapes, repeating this with text has proven elusive due to the issue of only being able to open one outline – UNTIL NOW!

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SALE! 65 SVG Cutting & Drawing File Sets – over 4,000 SVG files – for only £5 – incredible!

Yep, you read that right, 65 sets of SVG cutting files for £5, but it’s only during May so you’ll need to be quick with the click!

As a thank you to everyone that has supported this blog and my Udemy course over the last few years, I decided to package up the latest 65 sets of SVG cutting files and drop the price – usually £2.99 per set – for the entirety of May so if you want to add a massive stack of cutting files to your collection for not much money at all, now is the time!

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Cutting Vinyl with a Scan N Cut DX Machine Using The Half Cut Feature

Brother Scan N Cut / Canvas Workspace Video Tutorial – Using The Half-Cut Settings In The Scan N Cut DX Machine To Cut Adhesive Vinyl

In this free tutorial I will share with you how to use the nifty half-cut settings in the DX models of the Scan N Cut to cut adhesive vinyl.

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Creating Multi Coloured Guilloche Style Patterns In Canvas Workspace GC

Brother Scan N Cut / Canvas Workspace Video Tutorial – Designing and Drawing Guilloché Style Patterns with Canvas Workspace

Hallo! Hope you are well and enjoying time in your craft spaces.

For this Scan N Cut focused blog post I have been looking at new ways of using Canvas Workspace to create drawn patterns and have created a cool Guilloché pattern workflow that I think you will adore!

Oh, and I’ve also been gathering new tools to review AND am going to be organizing some live “workshops”, so, worth a read if you’ve got a Scan N Cut.

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