Learn For Less – All Scan N Cut Courses On Sale

It is that time of year again where deals are a plenty but this wee offer will please those of you that have been lucky enough to have Santa drop a Scan N Cut down your chimney as the one-time enrolment fees for all three of the Scan N Cut online learning courses have been reduced for the next 31 days so it’s a great time to get creatively confident and finally start using that Scan N Cut to it’s full potential.

Below is a list of the courses available along with a special link that will automatically apply the discount but just in case it doesn’t, you can use code LEARN23 on any of them to apply the special discount BEFORE adding them to your basket.

This code will drop the one-time enrolment fee (not a subscription) to just £14.99 per course.

Please note that additional fees and taxes may apply depending on the device you are enrolling on or the region in which you live. For the exact price, please add the courses to your basket and proceed through checkout.

Brother Scan N Cut – Cut, Draw and Scan with Confidence

The original, biggest and best selling course covering everything from start to finish for both CM and SDX owners.

Mastering Canvas Workspace

Mastering Canvas Workspace Promo Image

For those confident with their machines but wanting help with the companion software, Canvas Workspace, this one is for you.

Design and Make a Memory Album with the Scan N Cut

For those looking to go beyond the basics and create a stunning memory album from scratch using Canvas Workspace and their Scan N Cut.

Ok, I hope one of these will appeal and that you will take advantage of this great offer.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by!

J x

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