A Bit of Fun with Artificial Intelligence

In a bid to catch up with the world at large and see what on earth is going on in creative circles these days I have been having a bit of a go with AI generated art.

I am going to share a few positive results with you initially and then, in the future, I will show you a few not so successful ones too.

Sadly no in-depth tutorial for this one but I do plan on doing a video on me YouTube channel in the future so do look out for that one.

Anyhoo, for one batch of attempts I have been using CF Spark (you may know the CF bit from my Creative Fabric Fans and Creative Fabrica Store).

This type of image generator works by you feeding it some words describing what you would like – e.g. “Snow covered cottage in the style of thomas kincade” or something like that and it will generate and display four pictures for you to choose from. In fact, this seems to be how most of them are working at the moment.

Now, my “success” rate, judged solely by my personal standards, has been about 1 in 4 and the results – I think – have largely depended on the subject matter and the amount of detail that I added.

Quite often things would be rejected based on various issues such as composition, colour, detail, aberrations, and so on however it does actually seem possible to create some half decent images.

Here is my collection so far…

… which you can see and download here.

FYI, I think you have to be a subscriber of their main website to be able to download these as they are not part of my CF Store or CF Fans page.

Despite the interweb declaring that artists and graphic designers are out of a job, I think that that is a long way off as the algorithms are definitely not perfect but listen, people have already won awards for using this technology in the art industry so, never say never and who knows where will be in ten years.

I for one still enjoy the smell, touch, experimentation and frustrations of doing it the old fashioned way, at least for now.

What are your thoughts on this?

5 thoughts on “A Bit of Fun with Artificial Intelligence

  1. After trying this I’m still loves the old thing to do creations.
    Fun for all but not so good following what you typed in and a big minus: you can’t share your pictures if you don’t pay…. think there is so many other apps you can do so much more without spending money.

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  2. From the number of people I come across who say “I can’t draw”, I think this kind of technology has a place, this could be used to explore ideas comma as a starting point for people learning to draw and as a confidence builder for people who don’t think they can draw (everyone who can hold a pencil can draw it’s like any other skill it takes practise and naturally some people are better at it than others!). There is also an accessibility factor here, for people who can no longer draw or paint in the way they used to or indeed for people who cannot access traditional drawing media or use a graphics tablet. Thinking back to when I worked in a special school, this type of AI art would have allowed all of our students to create a piece of artwork from their own ideas which of course increases their independence. I think there will come a time when artwork created this way will be very commonplace, I don’t think I would mind as long as I knew how the artist created it, similar to now with digital art when you see the name of the artist and “created with (insert name of graphics program here)” as a lot of time in art if people are paying for work it is the tens or even hundreds of hours spent by the artist creating something completely original and bespoke by hand, it is a skill and artists should be paid as such.

    It will all have a place I’m sure and if it opens creativity up to more people it has to be a good thing.

    Blimey, I got all serious there didn’t I?! That’s very unlike me! 😁

    Hugs all around, T x

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