Scan N Cut Online Learning On Sale – Lowest Price Enrolment!

With new project-based courses on the horizon for users that want just that little bit more, I have decided to drop the price of my two current online learning courses for Scan N Cut owners to the lowest possible price – but only for the next five days!

Normally priced at £29.99 and £19.99 each, the courses will be available for a one-time enrolment fee (not a subscription) of just £9.99 each! That is a saving of £30

Beyond just the fact-checked encyclopaedia of information contained within the courses, there are other awesome benefits to becoming an enrolled student including lifetime access, on-demand learning, the ability to take notes as you watch and the option to ask questions directly, to name just a few.

You will also be the first to hear about the new course launches too (with specially discounted enrolment)!

If this is something that you believe would be of benefit to you then please do use one of the special links below to find out more, and enrol today.


ONLY the two links below will automatically apply the special discount. If you use ANY other link, please use the promo code SALE-999 before placing the course in your basket.

If you use the links below and they don’t work, then either you have tracking disabled on your device or the offer has expired. I can do nothing about either.

Cut, Draw & Scan with Confidence Course

The most comprehensive up-to-date information gathered in one place and STILL a best seller.

Over 19 hours of on-demand video content covering everything you need to know from setting the machine up, through the three key functions of cutting, drawing and scanning, onto Canvas Workspace and a range of creative accessories.

Course includes content for both CM and SDX models.

Mastering Canvas Workspace Course

Quickly gathering pace as another consistnet best seller with an average star rating of 4.9 out of 5!

Mastered the Scan N Cut machine but can’t get to grips with the design software, Canvas Workspace?

This course covers all of the tools available in all three versions of Canvas Workspace.

Don’t know how to import, trace or edit paths?

This one is for you!

Mastering Canvas Workspace Promo Image


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