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Creative Fabrica Fans Page Is Changing (For The Better)

For the last year, Monday’s have been a happy affair as they have meant download day to subscribers of my Creative Fabrica Fans page.

Don’t panic, that’s not going to change however for various boring business reasons (yawn) a few changes are coming…

More SVG Cutting Files!

After seeking feedback about what subscribers wanted to see, and not see, I have made the decision to remove the printable papers as a regular feature. In their place will be an additional SVG cutting file set each month. Not sure what this will be yet but I’ll figure that out soon – although, as I type this, I’m thinking another creative card base would fit in quite nicely…

Early Release Exclusives!

For the least year, I have tried to make the majority of releases on the Creative Fabrica Fans page permanently exclusive to subscribers.

Again, for yawny business reasons, I can’t really justify that anymore and so SVG sets will be going into my store however subscribers are still going to get them first.

In the future, all SVG sets released on the Creative Fabrica Fans page will be exclusive for 6 weeks from upload. This means that subscribers get all of the new stuff before anyone else.

Subscribe & Save!

Now, there is another change. No need to worry as again, it will benefit you.

One of the great bonuses of being a subscriber is that you save a whole bunch of money. Now, you can see that value!

  • Creative Card Base SVG project sets will be retailing at $2.99 in my store.
  • Subscriber Selection SVG project sets will be retailing at $4.99 in my store.
  • Other non-project SVG sets will be set at a minimum of $1.99, depending on content.

So, assuming one subscriber selection, two creative card base sets and a non-project set each month, subscribers will save almost $8 per month or $100 per year. This doesn’t include months that have 5 Mondays in, and there are four of those this year so that will save even more!

What Is This Creative Fabrica Fans Thing?

Not sure what I am on about with this CF Fans thing?

In simple terms, it is a “members only” page on a website that is separate to my store.

Still not sure?

Then read on dear friend.

What Is CF Fans?

CF Fans is a website created by the folk behind the market place that I sell my SVG cut files on, Creative Fabrica.

It is a subscription based platform that gives “fans” special content, savings and more, similar to Patreon.

How Much Does It Cost?

The minimum monthly subscription fee is $5. You can choose to pay more if you think I am worth it. That’s up to you. As mentioned above, this saves you more than your subscription amount each and every month!

The Price Is In US Dollars – Is This Correct?


Creative Fabrica and Creative Fabrica Fans are based outside of the UK and use US Dollars as their default currency. To help you see what that would be in your currency, please feel free to visit XE Convert.

I Am In The UK, Will I Pay VAT?

Probably, yes.

As with all other online services, local taxes may apply. These will be displayed during checkout so you are fully aware of the total cost before committing.

Am I Locked In For An Entire Year?


This is a monthly renewing subscription and if your crafting preferences change or your budget changes, you can cancel at any time.

Can I Still Buy Individual Packs?


I will still be releasing SVG cut files via my store on Creative Fabrica and you are welcome to buy at your leisure however they will be offered out to subscribers as part of their subscription for the first six weeks before general release.

How Do I Subscriber?

Interested? Great! Just click the button below to visit the Creative Fabrica Fans site to sign up.

Right, that’s it for this one.

If you have any questions or thoughts about the content of this post, please feel free to pop them in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!

Bye for now.


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