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New SVG Store Additions

Over the last week or so you might have seen a few updates on this blog or from my store and I think a couple of you might have got a bit confused so I’d just like to clarify a couple of things…

First, let me just remind subscribers of my Creative Fabrica Fans page, that you don’t need to buy these cut file sets as they are already included in your subscription and can be downloaded from there.

For anyone else who would like to grab these sets as a single purchase, I’ve listed below the new additions to the store with links to each one.

Ok, I hope that that makes things a little easier for all and many thanks in advance for all/any purchases, I really appreciate them as they are keeping beans in the cupboard.

That’s it for this post though.

Catch you all again soon.

J x

3 thoughts on “New SVG Store Additions

  1. Having just come down with Covid, your emails are like a tonic. Im not well enough to do any crafting at the moment, but its good to be kept in the loop.
    Thanks John

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