I Joined TikTok, For Some Reason

Well, in a bid to stay relevant and “down with it”, I just went and joined TikTok.

If you are on that app/website, I would very much appreciate a follow but please don’t ask me how as I made a cup of coffee with gravy granules this morning…

To follow, jab the logo below and hopefully you will end up in the right place.


9 thoughts on “I Joined TikTok, For Some Reason

  1. Hi John,
    Many years ago my dad made me a cup of coffee with gravy granules by mistake but he also added evaporated milk. It wasn’t until I tasted it that we realised what he had done!
    Needless to say I didn’t accept a drink from him again – I always made him one when I visited instead!!!

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  2. I’m not on TikTok John I want to be less on the internet so unfortunately, otherwise I had click the follow button. I keep my fingers crossed you got a lot of followers.

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  3. Hi John
    A coffee with gravy granules? Nope, never managed that! (Yet, lol)
    I can see how a Tik Tok of a piece of work going together could be quite cool and in your business it pays to keep up with things. I don’t use it myself but if I see any links on your face book I’ll share them as have younger relatives who craft too.

    Hope you’re ok, T xxx

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  4. Had a look. I am following you. Think I am number 50. Love the music. Nearly ell asleep watching the ball going up and down. Felt so relaxed. As for the gravy granules. Yes, been there done that.x

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