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Scan N Cut Online Learning Course Updates

It has been some time since I last updated you about changes and updates to my Scan N Cut courses so I thought I’d dedicated this Tuesday post to just that.

I should back up a little though as there are a few new visitors to this blog who might not know what on earth I am talking about.

Having demonstrated the Brother Scan N Cut since it’s launch 8 years ago I decided to create an online learning resource to help folk get confident with their Scan N Cut machines and Canvas Workspace.

They are…

Cut, Draw & Scan with Confidence

New to the Scan N Cut or had it a while and are not sure that you are getting the most from your machine?

This one is for you!

Mastering Canvas Workspace

Mastered the Scan N Cut machine but can’t get to grips with the design software, Canvas Workspace?

This one is for you!

Mastering Canvas Workspace Promo Image

As a reminder, both courses are updated and added-to on a fairly regular basis (at no extra cost) and that is what I will be covering below.

All of the updates listed below will apply to the Cut, Draw & Scan with Confidence course.

First I have made a bit of an overhaul to a couple of sections.

This has meant that all YouTube archive videos, previously listed within other sections are now collected together in their own section and have also been added to – increasing the video counts by around 20.

This has obviously meant that a couple of those videos have been moved from their previous locations in the curriculum.

I did this as I felt it was clearer this way that these videos were not part of the “official” education workflow and instead, a continuation of after-course learning. It also aligns the original goal of this course to house all of my knowledge under one roof.

In addition, I have also created new video lectures for various accessories including:

  • The Scan N Cut Link
  • The Print To Cut Kit
  • The Vinyl Auto Blade Kit
  • The Rotary Auto Blade Kit
  • The Zoom Precision Engraving Tool

There are plenty more to come this year, along with new courses too!

So, if you have already enrolled, you can access these updates immediately by going to the Udemy website, logging in and looking in “My Learning”.

If you are not yet enrolled on either of these courses you can find out more and enrol via the “show me more” buttons above.

~ Come And Join Me On Facebook! ~

In addition to the above, I have recently created a new Facebook group for Scan N Cut users so if you are interested in sharing ideas and general Scan N Cut chat with other users, please do head over to Gentleman Crafter’s Scan N Cut Group, complete the three questions and submit your request to join.

Right, that’s it for this post.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon.

Best wishes,


2 thoughts on “Scan N Cut Online Learning Course Updates

  1. I realy thought also like Hazel that the Scan ‘N Cut was launched much earlier.
    It’s great what you share, make and learn us about this machine.
    Thank you so much for updating the course, still not started but I will soon as we finished with switching rooms, reorganizing and decluttering. Unfortunately I’m still not fully recovered from my hospitalization last year so things go very slow. But I will get there and when finished I will have time and peace to do the course.
    Stay safe and have a wonderful evening.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg I cant believe it was only 8 years ago the Scan N Cut launched, it feels so much longer. Thank you for all your education and cutting files over the years xx

    Liked by 1 person

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