Massive SVG Sale!

My Biggest Ever SVG Sale is Now On!

Having been designing cutting files for a few years now, I thought it would be a great idea to put on a celebration event and if you have an electronic cutting machine, you aren’t going to want to miss this one.

Sorry, this set has now been retired. Please visit my store on Creative Fabrica for the latest offers on SVGs.


The original post has been left in place below for reference purposes only.

About This Event

Starting today I am offering ALL of my digital content as a MASSIVE all inclusive bundle.

That’s everything that I had created up to 2017 and then everything that I had created up to the relocation of my store in 2020 PLUS some bonus goodies too!

Not only that, I am going to chuck in the Single Line Font files AND the recently released 3D Alphabet/Numbers Cut & Construct file sets PLUS an EXCLUSIVE bonus of a popping box cutting file set too – that one hasn’t and won’t be released – ever!

That’s over 4.5GB of content including 7,500+ SVG files!

Ok, there have been a few bundles recently so let me break this down for you.

Bundle Part 1

Bundle one contains everything that I had created up to the end of 2017.

This big bundle contains over 12,000 files including over 3,700 unique SVG cutting files along with alternative formats, digi stamps, digi papers and more!

Rather than a bunch of pics to wade through, here’s a quick overview of just some of the files included. Ps, ignore the price listed, I made this when the price was higher but remember, this is part of the deal available to you today!

This bundle was most recently on offer for £5 in April of this year. An offer that won’t be repeated.

Bundle Part 2

This offer includes the SVG files from sets 1 to 65 of my Digital Craft Emporium collection – that’s over 4,000 files!

Here’s a wee slideshow showing ALL 65 sets so that you can have a look at all the SVG goodies included. Please note however that the digi-stamp [eps/png] alternatives and the digi papers [pdf] that were originally offered within these sets are not included in this offer.

Bear in mind that you have some really cool project based sets here as well as lots of useful elements.

Some of the ones that I am most proud of are the 3D handbag set, pop up cards, swing cards and gift box collections.

This bundle was most recently on offer for £5 in May of this year. An offer that won’t be repeated.

Bundle Part 3

The first of your bonuses with this set is the single line font set.

This is an installable font that, when used in conjunction with your electronic cutting machine and pens or foiling quills, will give you the look of a single line font.

This is currently available to buy for £2.99 but is included as a bonus with this offer.

Bundle Part 4

Only recently released, and my first in over 3 months, this set of 37 cut and construct 3D alphabet and numbers set of SVG cutting files will also be included!


This set is currently available to buy individually for £2.99 but is included as a bonus with this offer.

Bundle Part 5

Recently completed and NOT AVAILABLE INDIVIDUALLY anywhere is this new popping box SVG cutting file set.

Create this unique style of gift card with ease using the cutting files and instructions included in this set.

How Much?

So, what price for years of work and over 7,500 professionally designed SVG files, and bonus extras?

Just £10

That’s it. Not a penny more.

Want it…?

How To Buy

Simple click on the big blue button below and make your payment via PayPal. I will then send you a download link within 48 hours.

Important Information

  • The price for THIS BUNDLE is GBP £10.
  • All payments are processed via PayPal. This may involve transmitting sensitive data across the internet. For more information, please see the PayPal privacy policy here.
  • Please make sure that your registered email address with PayPal is one that you can still access as this is where the download links will be sent.
  • All download links are processed manually. You should therefore allow up to 48 hours for your download link to arrive.
  • All downloads are delivered in a zipped folder. They should therefore be downloaded to a desktop computer or a removable hard drive and ‘unzipped’ prior to accessing the files.
  • All download links are sent via email through WeTransfer which is a file sharing service. You do not need an account with them to access your downloads.
  • Before contacting me about non-delivery, please check the inbox, spam and junk email folders for the email from WeTransfer.

Sorry, this set has now been retired. Please visit my store on Creative Fabrica for the latest offers on SVGs.


The original post has been left in place below for reference purposes only.

Hope you like them and will have fun creating and decorating with them.

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Any Questions?

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Bye For Now

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Bye for now.

J :)

82 thoughts on “Massive SVG Sale!

  1. Hi the slide show for Bundle 2 is not on the website, I am not sure what it is in it (sadly I didn’t read the PDF weren’t included but that’s no biggie – I use them just for reference). A link to the slide show would be appreciated. I’m flying blind on that pack. Thankyou


    • John, worked it out I think, there is a PDF in there with imagery of all 65 sets. Thankyou so much, sent an email of thanks for this amazing offer, so looking forward to trawling through these amazing collections.


    • If the unzipped file size is 3.51kb then it is likely that you did not receive anything as that wouldn’t even be big enough for the folder let alone the content. Please use the contact form on this blog (not these comments) to reach out and I will look into this for you.


      • Hi John bought you big bundle already had most of them but wanted the single line font can you please tell me how to get it into canvas so I can use it kind regards kath


      • An instruction guide was included with the set on how to install the font on your computer. After that you would use the installed version of Canvas Workspace and place it on the mat using the text tool. Don’t forget to set it to be a draw line before you export the cutting file.


  2. Hi bought this and its going to take time to look through this amount. I was just wondering it states 4.5 GB of data I have only received 3.3 GB is this correct..thanks


  3. Hi John

    Have all my files now – this is the best thing I have bought in a long time, absolutely amazing, thank you so much.
    Have told all my friends this is a must have

    Thanks again Donna

    Liked by 1 person

  4. new to site, downloaded the anniversary bundle, but keep getting error messages when i try to transfer to flash drive. i’ve unzip and then tried to copy, as well as unzip and to the flash drive. nothing seems to work.Help


    • John, I’m a bit of an idiot when it comes to tech. How do transfer the files from my laptop to the scan n cut? What does unzip mean.


      • There are various methods for transferring files from your computer to the Scan N Cut. You can find free tutorials on how to do this in the user guide and on YouTube. If you feel that you could benefit from a deeper overview of the Scan N Cut, please do check out my online workshop here –

        A zipped folder is a collection of files and folders that have been compressed into a smaller amount of storage space. In order to use the files and folders, they need “unzipping” and extracting from that zipped folder. Think of this as clothes in a suitcase. You’ve packed all of the clothes into a small amount of space in order to get it from one location to another. If you want to wear something, you need to unzip the case before you can access the clothing.


  5. Hello John, I have purchased from you before but I have changed my laptop since then and now only have access to an iPad or chrome book, can I still buy this wonderful Mega Sale, (so generous of you) and down load straight to a USB? (I’m not sure how to do that but I can learn if it’s possible to do such a thing, sorry).
    Kind regards,


  6. I have just purchased this huge massive bundle and it will take me a whole day to look through the files. This is extremely generous John. Although I have previously bought bundles of yours there is so many that I don’t already have. It looks like I’m going to be busy for a long time to come! Thank you 🙂


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