Scan N Cut Saturday Video Tutorial – Creating and Drawing Hand Embroidery Designs

A Little Idea – Creating and Drawing Hand Embroidery Designs with Canvas Workspace

Hallo you. Hope all is well.

I’ve been having a little play with the Scan N Cut as a result of a few questions that have popped up recently about using fabric pens.

Most of the questions centred around using extra accessories and extra pen sets.

This got me to thinking that you can actually use the water-erasable pen, from Brother, with the standard pen holder to draw out hand embroidery patterns onto fabric, which was the goal.

Anyway, we can debate the need vs want thing for ever but instead, I’ll just show you one way, and let you decide.

Here are a couple of the designs that I used – these were both extra patterns that were unlocked with accessory packs but you can use any FCM or SVG pattern that you have got, even text as you are creating this in Canvas Workspace.

My first one used a dashed pattern which I followed with the stitching.

For the second one, I didn’t change the line type and just followed it with a backstitch.

Anyhoo, I’m skipping ahead there by showing you those. I should really show you the video of how I got to the stage of putting the design on the fabric.

The video is approx 5 minutes long and will cover the following stages.

  • Loading a pattern in Canvas Workspace – recorded in real-time.
  • Preparing that pattern for transferring – recorded in real-time.
  • Drawing, Cutting and Stitching the pattern, brief explanation over photographs.

I have not covered drawing or cutting the design out in detail as these are basic operations.

If you do want guidance on the basic operations of the machine, please do check out my full “Brother Scan N Cut – Cut, Draw and Scan with Confidence” course on Udemy. It’s crammed with over 14 hours of tutorials from setting the machine up, all the way through the three key functions of cutting, drawing and scanning on both the CM and DX models and also covers using the Canvas Workspace software too!

Right, that’s enough of that. Ready for the video? Ok, just click play and enjoy :)

Hope you enjoyed that tutorial and will give it a go yourself. If you do, and would like to share your creations with me you can find all of my social media links at the top of this page.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Bye for now.

J :)

4 thoughts on “Scan N Cut Saturday Video Tutorial – Creating and Drawing Hand Embroidery Designs

  1. I did this for a piece of Celtic work a couple of years ago for a Travelling Book I took part in with my local branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild. It looked very effective.

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  2. Never thought of using the S & C for a embroidery pattern, thanks John for the great tutorial! Stay safe and have a great Sunday.


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