Gentleman Crafter Product Range Appearing On Hochanda TV April 2020

Back On Your Telly Box, Kinda

Back On Your Telly Box, Kinda.

Exciting news – another NEW collaboration is just around the corner!

After a lengthy absence from your goggle box a select range of the range of creative dies and tools, designed by me and launched by Couture Creations, will be making a brief couple of appearances back on your telly in April.

I have also been developing some new no-foil ways to use this range and I can’t wait to share those ideas with you.

In fact, here’s one right here and right now …

Perhaps I am jumping ahead a little though. Some of you may not have a clue what I am on about. If that’s you, you might be interested in this video which I recorded at the time of their launch and explains a bit more about them …

Right, the good news obviously is that they will be getting an airing on the 1st April however there is also some sad/exciting news. A couple of the designs are now officially collector’s items as they have sold out, never to return.

With that in mind, if you do want to grab any of the range, then these shows will be a great opportunity to get one or two, or perhaps complete your collection.

As I mentioned earlier, I have also developed some exciting alternatives to hot foiling that you can achieve with these dies so, as long as you have a die cutting machine that will accept thin metal dies – *humble brag alert* – I believe that you will want to add them to your collection.

This time around the demos and products will be making our debut appearance on HOCHANDA. Sadly I won’t be there due to this virus thing however as I mentioned at the start of this paragraph, my demos will! I have pre-recorded some demonstrations that have been sent down to the studios and they will be airing these during the show – so you still get the full whammy of product + inspiration!

By the way, for those of you that don’t know, HOCHANDA is an arts, crafts and hobbies TV shopping channel based in the United Kingdom born from many of the same talented team that launched and built the previously privately owned Ideal Shopping Direct.

There are two live shows currently planned and they will be on Wednesday 1st April at 7am and 10am [GMT].

What Will Be In The Shows?

Some more good news is that the Creative Detailer Tool – which has proven popular across the pond in the United States – and has therefore been hard for you to get hold of in the UK – will be available on the shows.

Here’s a quick video that I made about this tool.

This handy little tool even made it into TWO of Jennifer McGuire‘s favourite product video lists – “10 New Must-Have Crafting Tools” in July of 2019 and then the “My Favorite Crafty Things 2019: TOOLS” in December of 2019 – what an honour!

Anyhoo, enough gushing, back to the point.

Also in the show will be a selection of the previously titled “Cut, Foil & Emboss” dies but which I have fondly renamed “Cut & Create” dies as there is more than the three techniques that you can achieve with them. I hope to share some of those exciting alternative techniques in the shows.

Finally, there will also be a select range of the sentiment dies that also fall under the umbrella of “Cut & Create” die. These will include some of my personal faves and ones that will be very useful in any die collection.

FYI, if you did need another reason to have them in your collection, the angel policy is very broad as you can sell stuff that you make using the die-cuts for profit.

Now, I keep wandering off track so let me bring things back on track.

You may have seen some of all of these dies on this blog before but in case you missed them, here’s a “quick” gallery to feast your eyes on.

Phew! A few more pics than I remembered taking – must have been busy!

How To Watch

The TV channel numbers that you will need in the UK are either Sky 673 or Freesat 817 or Freeview 85.

You can also watch via the internet or through various gizmos like your fancy smart devices including Apple & Google, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku.

So, hopefully the majority of folk covered with that lot!

Whatever happened to the days of switching the giant box in the corner of the room on or switch off?! Simpler times for sure.

Anyway, links to all of the relevant techno-jiggery can be found on the HOCHANDA website.

Ways To Save

As this outing is a new one for me I thought it might be good to have a look at some of the best ways to grab your goodies and save money too, so here are my top three tips:

1: HOCHANDA Freedom Club – A monthly subscription club offering a range of discounts, perks and goodies.

2: New Customers – If you are a new customer to Hochanda, you can get 20% off your first order with code – HOTCHTV20 – quick note, this offer was present when writing this post and may have changed so do check the HOCHANDA website for the latest offers.

3: Multibuys – By buying the bigger offers, you save more. For instance, in the shows, there will be bundled collections that can bag you a saving compared to the individual prices.

Right, what have I forgotten?

Well, let’s hope I didn’t forget to pack my clothes as it’s a long way from Fife to Cambridgeshire!

Listen, I’ve waffled enough.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Hope to have your company on the 1st – would be nice to know there are some friendly faces with me.

J x

9 thoughts on “Back On Your Telly Box, Kinda

  1. Hi John. I keep finding positives to the lockdown, this is another one. Usually I would be working, but now I will be able to watch your shows. Looking forward to them. Kath x

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