2020 Scan N Cut Udemy Landing Page Image

Brother Scan N Cut – Cut, Draw & Scan with Confidence course reduced to £9.99

Just a quick post to let you all know that my online Brother Scan N Cut course is currently on sale for just £9.99 instead of £29.99, but only for the next couple of days!

If you are choosing now as the time to get creatively confident with your machines then now is also the perfect time to sign up!

2020 Scan N Cut Udemy Landing Page Image

This course has recently been updated with new and updated content and now boasts over 12 hours of online tuition, tips and resources covering everything from the machine, through Canvas Workspace and onto some of the creative accessories.

The lectures cover both CM & DX models and take you from the very beginning, all the way through the creative wealth of features and there is still more for me to add.

As well as getting you confident with your Scan N Cut, some of the other great benefits of enrolling are:

  • All Under One Roof – No more hunting through countless and irrelevant content from other platforms.
  • Ad Free – no distracting ads popping up during your learning experience.
  • Book Marks – Tag your favourite sections in lectures so that you can return to them easily in the future.
  • Q&A – Ask your tutor – aka me – questions that are guaranteed a response.
  • Anytime/Anywhere/Forever – online learning means that you can watch via a variety of devices, even your smart phone, so you can take me with you wherever you go.
  • Forever – Your one time price of £9.99 gives you LIFETIME ACCESS. No monthly fees. No extra charges. Start and stop when you like. Come back, go away, come back again. However you want to do it, I’ll still be there.

Anyway, listen I could rave about how good it is but the only way to see for yourself is to pop over to the Udemy website and check out the course landing page where you find out whats covered, and more importantly, what the 3,000 already enrolled students think about it.

7 responses to Brother Scan N Cut Online Learning – On Sale


    Hi John,
    my S & C is one of the first ones, the CM600, do I understand correctly that the course in the first place was written for the CM and still is for the CM600?

    This offer of you is so great and I want to do a course for so long and I always love your good explanations of everything, so I wanted to choose for this one but I am a bit unsure whether it is suitable for my S&C.

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      The course was recorded using a CM900 and recently updated to include the DX model however the majority of the content will apply to all CM & DX models so if you buy it now and then change machine, it will still be relevant.



      Yes this course is for the scan an cut as I have the cm900 an have found it very helpful in so many ways that am more confident now using my machine than before, well I would recommend it to anyone who has a scan n cut John is so helpful by explaining it in simple terms that anyone can understand it, an he up dates the course with no extra charge

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    Elizabeth Marie Adams March 26, 2020 at 7:24 am

    I love this course and the additional updates which are added for free. Best money I have ever spent and I have it forever. Highly recommended. Thank you John.

    Liked by 1 person


    I already have and completed this thanks John it is really good to go back to for ref. Would highly recommend x

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