Restoring Balance

March 18, 2020 — 27 Comments

Not at all craft related on this post and yes, it IS about that nasty fancy-flu that’s going about.

Restoring Balance Through Fact Checking

Whilst everyone else has been stock piling loo rolls, this was my goal.

Well, if like me, you were under a rock when this new fancy-flu thing all kicked off and you’re probably playing catch up in trying to fact find some info to help you make decisions about day-to-day life so, as I’ve been finding useful links I’ve been jotting the best ones down and instead of complaining about a lack of loo rolls or throwing conspiracy theories about, I thought that it would be productive and useful if I popped a bunch of these here to help you do the same.

*info updated 27.03.2020

Here goes…

UK Government Website

[Link] – Updated 27.03.2020 to link to the new dedicated area on the government’s website.

This is the official UK government website information portal for all things new-flu related.

There are links there to info about the illness, facts about current COVID-19 spread and guidance for various individuals, groups and businesses in terms of anticipated disruption and rights relating to employment and financial support.

This source is regularly updated.

Official NHS Website


This is the official website of the NHS, which for those that visit this blog from overseas, is a “free” – and highly regarded – nationwide health care service in the UK.

This site is particularly useful for understanding how to prevent the spread of the virus and what to do if you notice any symptoms in your or someone in your household and also who to contact.

This source is being reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

COVID-19 United Kingdom “Tracker” – Updated 27.03.2020


Operated by Public Health England, and sadly a little morbid, but this is a daily update on confirmed cases in the UK, broken down into counties and NHS regions.

I found this useful in avoiding taking the sensational headlines as gospel and to get a sense of perspective on the situation.

It is important to remember that this is based on confirmed and reported cases. What is not shown is the number of people that might be infected and not yet showing symptoms nor those that have it but remain unreported for any reason and therefore should be taken as a guide only.

COVID-19 Worldwide “Tracker


Operated by Microsoft, for some reason, but populated by data from the CDC, the WHO  and the ECDC – e.g. mostly top level world health and disease control organisations – this tracker shows reported active cases, reported recovered cases – which was a refreshing change to see that survivors are being reported – and then of course sadly the reported fatal cases.

It’s broken down by country, and now at the time of this update on 27.03.2020, some countries are broken down into separate regions and appears to be updated regularly but I couldn’t confirm how often. “Interestingly” they are even logging certain cruise ships as a “country” so that gave more perspective for me as to what this disease can achieve in a “mass gathering”.

Thankfully, at the time of updating this post on 27.03.2020, the recovered number STILL far outweighs the fatal. I don’t say this to lessen the severity of the situation, simply to offer a glimmer of hope.

Again, it is important to remember that this is based on confirmed and reported cases. What is not shown is the number of people that might be infected and not yet showing symptoms nor those that have it but remain unreported for any reason nor those that have not been catalogued within this data set and therefore should be taken as an overall rough guide only.

Ok, it’s just a few links but they really have helped me wade through all of the trumpet blowing, pandemonium fan-fares and panic buying and get to some key information and most importantly, some perspective, so I hope that they help you in this way too.

Anyway, I’ll sign off now and hope that this is the last time that I have to talk about this on this blog. In addition, I genuinely hope that you are all taking good care of yourselves, regardless of this situation at large, and are enjoying some creativity and play time.

Stay happy and above all, keep calm and carry on – but don’t touch each other. Lol!

All the best.

J x

27 responses to Restoring Balance


    It is so good to read that people are helping each other again and are ready for each other. Maybe this is the good thing about that nasty virus. I’m happy to have hobbies that I can do at home and a great hobby community online.
    Stay safe and healthy my friends, keep crafting and smiling.

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    Interesting contacts John. Thank you. I plan to use as much of my craft items as I can. Finish some UFO’s and hopefully be up to date with all my projects when this is over. Might even make my Christmas cards early, that would be a refreshing change.

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    Hi John here in Australia we are experiencing a similar situation re panic buying. Supermarkets opened 1 hour early to allow aged and concession recipients access to the highly prized contents…Food and essentials! Regrettably the shelves were devoid of many many items and the ones you could get were checked and discarded if you had more than the limit. Just like customs declare it and let them sort it ha. However as a pensioner due to be in my own personal lock down at any moment I am smiling. Who needs a pantry full of stuff when my craft room is bulging at the seams with fun project to immerse myself in. Thanks to your course on scan n cut and your posts I’m leaving the dusting and embracing my creativity. Keep well and stay safe. Karen

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    This is a very depressing and worrying time for all. On a possitive note thank you John for thinking of, and sharing this information with us. I’ve been told to stay in by the GP but for my own mental health have to get out for a couple of hours. More worried about my 76 year old mother than myself. Take care everyone.


    louiseyoung0914 March 18, 2020 at 12:44 pm

    Thanks John, stay safe, keep crafting, we’ll all get through this together as a great crafty community and a great country xx ( as long as people stop being stupid about over buying certain products!!)

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    Love your sense of humour. Thank you for these interesting links.

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    Margaret McCormack March 18, 2020 at 11:25 am

    Thank you John. You stay safe and well. Most of my activities have been cancelled so what shall I do? I know, I will do some crafting. I will craft with the stuff I have bought because I might fancy doing it sometime, I.e. quilling and screen printing to name a couple amongst a dozen. I might even learn to crochet or tatt Mind you that is stretching it a bit. Predictive text made tatt into tattoo. Well if anyone saw my artwork they would hope I gave that one a miss.



    Stay safe xx Hazel

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    John, a very thoughtful and helpful post. Thank you so much.

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    Restoring Balance is certainly a good heading for how we all need to think. There is so much scaremongering about through the media it can be very frightening if you continually read it. The percentage is a sobering thought too.
    Thank you John.
    We all need to stay calm and think of other ways to occupy ourselves until this dreadful time is done. There will always be greedy and selfish people but they have to live with that and we have to not be influenced by them.

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    Thank you so much for doing the hard work and making it easy for us to get information. Let’s all work together and be kind, we’ve got this!

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    Thank you John. Bless you. How refreshingly nice to see a balanced view of helpful suggestions. I’m sure our elderly friends are not in the silly state as they have lived through rashioning and the great British approach of looking after each other in times of hardship. Let’s hope our younger folk learn from this and the world will be a kinder place. Jx


    Elizabeth Marie Adams March 18, 2020 at 9:38 am

    Thank you John. Stay safe and keep well.

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    Thanks so much for thinking about us John. Really helpful information like these links are what we all need to keep our physical and mental wellbeing safe. and helping each other I believe is why we are all here. Hope you too are safe and well and stay that way. Big hugs x

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    Patrick Murphy March 18, 2020 at 8:29 am

    What a useful posting

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    Bless you John, what an excellent and sebsible thing to do!

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    Thank you for some common sense, I despair to the way in which some folk are behaving.
    Total selfishness,

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    Jackie Ashdown March 18, 2020 at 8:09 am

    People are frightened by this virus. It’s upsetting though to see the greed which is going on with stock piling of food, medicines & of course the loo rolls. I think the big stores should have put a brake on it in the first place. In any case let’s hope if we catch it it’s as mild as it’s reported to be in the majority of cases. X



    Thanks for this John. It is so easy to be panicked by the news, and newspapers. This has calmed me down somewhat. X



    Very thoughtful John. These will be handy for loads of people. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by people where I live. I knew they were nice neighbours, but people keep putting their phone numbers through, for shopping and medication collecting. Stay safe and well. xx


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