Scan N Cut Online Learning – £12.99 Special Enrolment Offer

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you the phenomenal response that has been shown for the online Scan N Cut learning lectures that are hosted over on Udemy.

This week, to celebrate that, Udemy has agreed to run a limited time offer to anyone that hasn’t already signed up – read on to find out how to claim this offer.

The Story So Far…

If you haven’t heard of this course, it is called ‘Cut, Draw and Scan with Confidence’ and is hosted over on Udemy.

It is a series of video lectures about the Brother Scan N Cut that starts at the very beginning – right after you’ve unloaded the box – and takes you through all of the basic need-to-know stuff about the three key features of the machine, cutting, drawing, scanning and then progresses onto using accessories and fabric – and it’s continuing to grow too!

Brother Scan N Cut Online Workshop

It started out with 5 hours of content and now has an additional 2.5 hours! There is more to come too…

The price of £29.99 was set way back when the course was released and since then, more content has been added at no extra cost to those that have already enrolled.

In the near future, I will be tackling using PES files, using ‘unusual’ materials such as felt, vinyl and more.

The love has gone both ways, I am glad to say. Check out some of these awesome reviews!

Anyhoo, I promised you a flash sale offer.

Learn For Less

Ok, here is the deal.

For the rest of May, you can enrol for just £12.99. That’s better than half price!


Easy! Click on the big green button below and the discount coupon will be automatically applied to your basket.

Oh, and I wonder if you would do me a small favour. Please can you share this with any Scan N Cut friends that you think might benefit from it? I would genuinely appreciate it.

Anyway, that’s it for this one. Look forward to greeting new students soon.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Bye for now.

J :)

11 thoughts on “Scan N Cut Online Learning – £12.99 Special Enrolment Offer

  1. Hi John: I see the course description specifically says it doesn’t cover the SNC DX models. I have the SDX225. Do you think it would be similar enough that I could still get use from the course? Or would it be too confusing if the directions are way off from the way the DX models work? Thanks!


    • As the interface and auto blade work differently on the DX machines, I specifically noted that that DX is not covered. You may get some use out of the Canvas Workspace sections but I really can’t guarantee anything over and above that I am afraid. I don’t have the DX model and so can’t offer any alternative at this time.


  2. Hello John, I haven’t used my machine in a very long while due to illness so I feel like a new Scan n Cut user all over again. If I sign up, can I keep going back over the lessons over and over again or is there a time limit on using the information, as I’m still not well enough to spend much time crafting which is driving me nuts?! Thank you, Audrey


  3. Hello John, I have this wonderful on line course, and have had it quite a while, but due to home and family matters lately I have not used it much and now I can’t rem3mber how to get into it, please can you remind me

    Sent from my iPad


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