Couture Creations Gentleman Crafter Cut Foil And Emboss Dies

Cut Foil And Emboss Giveaway

Exciting news! I have a new TV show date AND some Cut Foil and Emboss dies to give away ahead of the launch show!

Read on to find out how to take part.

First, this was the first time that I have seen the dies in their packages and it was very exciting to see my potato head logo!

Cooo-eee! *waves *girly giggles

Ok, so, the new launch show date is now set as April 17th at 1pm – just one week away!

Hope you can join me!

Right, onto the giveaway. I’ve got fourteen Cut Foil and Emboss dies to giveaway, two of each of the following.

Stylish, eh?!

Genuinely proud. Hope you like the look of them too.

Right – who wants one?

How To Enter

It’s easy to enter the giveaway.

Simply leave a comment below telling me why you love the hot-foiled look in your crafting projects.

As you’d expect, there’s a few terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

  • No purchase necessary.
  • Entrants must be over 18.
  • Entrants must be a permanent resident of the United Kingdom.
  • Entries open when this blog post is published and close on Wednesday 17th April at 23:59.
  • Comments must be listed on this blog page. Comments on other sites or social media pages will not be counted.
  • Prize Detail – 14 successful entrants will each receive one randomly selected Gentleman Crafter/Couture Creations Cut Foil and Emboss die or hot foil stamp from the selection shown in this blog post.
  • Some features of these dies require additional items to achieve the advertised result. These are not supplied as part of this giveaway.
  • Winners will be selected at random on 19th April and winners notified shortly thereafter.
  • Postage to an address in the UK will be covered. A ‘signed-for’ method of postage will be used. You may incur charges if you are not available at the time of delivery or have to arrange redelivery to an alternative address – these additional costs will be your responsibility.
  • By taking part in this giveaway you consent to have your name and/or nickname and/or general location [town and county] publicly shown in relation to this giveaway – for example, in the comments section with your entry or in a list of winners.
  • Prizes not claimed within 30 days of winning notifications being sent will be forfeit.

Hopefully that’s all clear but feel free to get in touch if you are in doubt about anything.

Good luck!

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you again soon with more on these swish new cut foil and emboss dies – and other stuff too!

Bye for now.

J :)

103 thoughts on “Cut Foil And Emboss Giveaway

  1. Check you out John! How exciting to have your own designs made into such great products! I’ve been reading the blog posts with interest about these and am looking forward to seeing them when they’re launched on TV. I love the look of foiling on projects, it just gives such a professional finish and a real look of luxury! Well done John! Wendyx


  2. Your work is transformed, with the use of foiling to something that lifts the spirits, for the maker, then the giver, too the receiver.


  3. Foiling takes so-so, run of the mill cards to an elevated level that helps them stand out. The best thing is that John’s foiling designs will give my cards, panache. It will take them from “home made” to “hand made” Roll in the launch👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


  4. Love love these new dies. So looking forward to the show on 17th April. In my opinion the foiling make the project look more professional and also adds to it’s value. Can’t wait to buy some of these dies when they are on tv. Thank you John for all that you do and for putting this competition together. Fingers crossed that I might be one of the lucky ones to win. Good luck everyone.


  5. I love how foiling adds that extra bit of class to my cards, especially those for special occasions and special people. I also love how using the GoPress hot foil system totally transforms simple mdf shapes. I can’t wait to try some of these new cut foil and emboss dies to add even more of the wow factor to my projects.


  6. What gorgeous dies..
    They will give a classy, sophisticated and professional look to a wide variety of cards and craft projects. Especially with the cut, foil and emboss dies in one.
    Good luck with your tv appearance and looking forward to watching it x


  7. Hi John
    Foiling adds class and sophistication to the simplest of projects and give that extra bit of pizzazz to anything you make, your dies look superb for doing just that


  8. Foiling adds a professional finish so easily to all projects and makes them very special. Your dies are fab. Looking forward to your show and if I was lucky enough to win one of the dies it would be amazing.


  9. The packaging and logo look fabulous John well done on an excellent product. I love thr hot foiling look as it gives a more professional and expensive detail to my creations be that cards or mixed media items. The hot foiling look gives glitz and shine to projects that just look amazing.


  10. Wow John, they are some awesome dies you have come up with. I just love, love, love them all but I have to say the texture tiles is my favourite ☺️ Foil is so classy and gives that professional edge that really catches people eye. I love impressing and inspiring people with my cards and I think I surely would if I was able to win one of these. Thank you for putting on the competition ❤️ xx


  11. Fabulous and innovative cut foil and emboss dies. Cut foiling and embossing adds a new dimension giving cards a professional finish and amazing results on a variety different surfaces. Congratulations John on your stunning designs. Good luck everyone.


  12. I love foiling my crafts as they look more expensive. I love your new dies they would look amazing on my crafts fingers crossed 🤞🏼


  13. So pleased you’ve got a date and they look fab. I love the dies and use them all over, tags, cards and even scrapbook pages, looks great on small embellishments for the pages.


  14. I’m just starting with foiling but I really think it gives a more professional appearance to my cards and that can’t be bad!


  15. I’m so excited for your show next week!
    I am very new to hot foiling, but love the professional finish it gives.
    The extra pizzazz it gives to a project. Really looking forward to seeing what I can create with these.


  16. hot foiling is not only fun to do but gives great results ,take my crafting to a brand new level. Can’t wait for more dies, so that my foiling can go to great heights,alway people to help with so many people who love to foil


  17. Hi John – Margaret from GUERNSEY here. I am about to do Hot Foiling as I think it just gives that little bit more CLASS to any cards I make. When and where will your DIES be available please?


  18. Good evening…
    Looking forward to seeing these during your programme.
    Foiling gives that added touch of class to any card and your designs shout out hey look at me lol
    I have never won on a draw so don’t expect to this time either so well done all those who do.
    Good luck with your designs I’m sure they will be a huge hit



  19. Soo glad your show was postponed the other week,as I’m off work all next week so will be able to watch your show (better check my bank balance) :). The packaging looks great and with your potato head (your words, not mine lol although it’s a lovely potato head) it is instantly recognisable. I think Foiling is quite addictive as you can turn a plain piece of card into something quite special for any occasion and the results look really professional. Good luck for next week John, although somehow I don’t think you’ll need it . Kath x


  20. Hi John, I love the professional look I get when I have foiled cards. Friends comments have includes “I don’t believe you made this!” So getting one of your give aways will increase my stash. Thanks in advance


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