Couture Creations John Bloodworth Gentleman Crafter Cut Foil and Emboss Dies

Cut Foil and Emboss Die Video Preview

No alternative launch date yet, however, I had an opportunity yesterday to record a little video introduction the range of cut foil and emboss dies and didn’t want to waste it.

If you’ve missed the news, there are some new cut foil and emboss dies coming soon that I have designed for Couture Creations and I am very proud of them and so eager to play with them too!

Yesterday, therefore, I sat down to record a video that shows you the first in the range, some examples of things that I have made with them and also to show you how well they cut.

I won’t waste any more time waffling, so here is that video…

Will keep you updated on when these will launch in the UK but in the meantime, many thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you again soon for more creative fun times!

J :)

10 thoughts on “Cut Foil and Emboss Die Video Preview

  1. Thanks for the video John your dies look so amazing look forward to trying them with Cut Foil and Emboss Machine. Bet they sell out pretty quickly. xxx

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  2. Can’t wait for the launch date after seeing the dies on the video, and your tool looks really handy as well, lol. Ive already decided which I want…………. ALL of them!!!! Well done John. Great collection. Kath x

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  3. Your designs John have taken foiling in a different direction which is interesting and different. I enjoy playing with designs that are versatile.

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  4. Looks brilliant, looking forward to see you use the foil you peeled off as another project , well done John they HAVE to be a success . bless you.

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  5. Thanks for the close up look at these fantastic dies John ….. they will definitely end up in my basket when they are on C&C. Love the look and idea of the tiles too, a super way to add beautiful, subtle foiling instead of my typically heavy-handed attempts with glue and transfer foil 😀.

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